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    Have fun and all. I'm solving my pre 2 problem by getting a pre 3. =P
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    a non-supported and near non existent pre 3. Thought about it, but after vzw laughed at me when I bought the pre 2 and considering how uncertain the future of webos is, I'm good on the pre 3 mess. its almost outdated and it never even released. I really enjoyed webos for its community and homebrew, but once I researched android roms and there community I think I've been really blind sticking with an Os that was already dead when I purchased a pre plus
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    I know there have been previous threads about this kind of topic and this might get moved and I'm OK with that - hopefully just typing my rant will help me get over it!

    From the beginning I've been OK with our 'Lack of Apps' as all the reviewers called it. I can get to the web and the apps we have are pretty good. I am OK with not having what I don't have - at least until a developer teases that it is coming and never delivers!!

    Zinio must be hung up in a back-and-forth between HP and Zinio and I'm trying to be patient, but really this app was featured on the Apps pages of the original site back at release on July 1. It was resurrected after being cancelled in the horror that was mid-August. It was submitted for approval about 3 weeks ago. WE DESERVE A REAL STATUS UPDATE!

    IP Camera Viewing is a pretty important feature for me, and I've had to live with looking at still shots from my cameras or looking at the motion detection emails that were sent because the built-in web server doesn't work on the web browser. There was no app, I just had to live with my workarounds and continue to use the ipod touch or Xoom. Then 8/8/11 a thread was started to see if anyone would be interested in an IP Camera Viewer app, the post indicated the person had created and was using the app, just needed to wrap up some things to get it in the catalog if there was interest. 10/20/11 and no app, no update - it's his choice to not release it but after being teased it's really hard to not be annoyed!

    those two apps alone are enough for me to be happy with my TouchPad for a pretty long time, and I might never see them. And it would have been OK if they hadn't been teased as becoming available!

    moral of the story for developers: don't tease an app if you can't deliver it! be like Twack who posted about Shortcut Launcher needing testers on 10/9/11 and it was in the app catalog by 10/19/11.

    Whew - I don't really feel better after all but I'm still going to post!

    Have a great day everyone and remember to support your homebrew community - make sure you know who developed the patches that have made your bargain tablet so much more useful and donate to them!

    Cheers Clarice
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    Looks like it's time to move on from my Pre. I'm pretty bummed about it. I just don't see anything happening with WebOS now and the Bing Maps thing put me over the edge (I live in LA and need street traffic maps).

    Had a good run. Love WebOS.

    I guess it's off to Mango.

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    That's how long I am giving HP to make some kind of announcement. My Pre- is dying and I get my full upgrade amount on November 1st from Sprint. Come on HP, give me a sign of hope. Is that asking too much?
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    there won't be any announcement, IMHO.

    if I were you i'd get whatever can be sold for the most money (iphone 4s?) and then watch for something you would like better that can be mostly paid for by selling your new phone.
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    nothing is going to change in 11 days, at least not in any way you want.

    if you want to stay with webos for awhile longer, get a pre3 and go with a pre-paid monthly plan for awhile. Various plans are available for anywhere from $30 to $60 per month.

    otherwise, it's time to throw in the towel.
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    I agree with you totally however can't you view your IP cameras in the browser?
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    Just got off the phone with Sprint........i ordered a Motorola Photon. As I hung up the phone I just looked @ my Pre- and just wondered what could have been. I hate to leave this phone and OS but the constant reboots and all the other issues with a dying phone I can't take. I've thought of Pre2'ing but WebOS still has no support from the most usuable apps that are on the other platforms. So in 2-3 days my Pre will be powered off, put in a glass case, and held every once and awhile for ole times sake (with a tear n my beer). One last final thought.................HP YOU ROYALLY WITHOUT A DOUBT SU©K!!!!
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    I was so excited for the pre 3 when i heard they were coming out with it... Then the devastating news that HP wouldn't make hardware anymore.. Then it wont come out in USA...

    All made me sad...

    I ordered 2 iphone 4s today!

    Guess I'm finally giving up since having a launch day pre.
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    If you were on AT&T or Verizon you could still get one. But since you're on Sprint iPhone 4S is probably your best bet short of a FrankenPre 2
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    To the OP, I am on Sprint typing this with my FrankenPre 2. What a nice Web OS phone. Oh.......I'm also reading and posting from my unlocked Pre 3. sadness here.
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    Why do some threads like this get merged away to the twilight zone and others do not?
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    I've finally decided to give up on my Pre 3, it doesn't do what I want it to, and no slick interface or fast processor is going to make up for that. I've decided to go back to my old HTC Hero and sell my Pre 3 either here or on eBay.

    So this is my question, for how much will I be able to sell this phone?

    -I've used it for about 2.5 weeks, and there are ZERO scratches anywhere on the phone, no dents, no scrapes.
    -It is in the AZERTY format, and I purchased it for £170
    -It's in the original box and contains ALL of the original contents.
    -It has a brand new Skinomi screen protector fitted perfectly and I will supply the skinomi box, so that the protector can be refitted (with application fluid)
    -It has full warranty, as I bought it from an official seller. The order slip/warranty info will be in the package.

    If I went on eBay I could probably sell the phone with the condition "new" and nobody would even notice.

    How much would you pay for it? How much do you think I could sell it for?
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    You can't sell it here, you don't have 50 posts yet.
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    I'm sadly giving an Android phone a shot. It's a two week trial and if I really don't like it I'll be turning my pre- back on. For all the issues that it had, I just really love the darn thing. webOS was the most elegant OS that I've ever used on a mobile device, and I'm already finding things that I'm missing in Android.

    Yes, the phone that I am trying out right now (Epic 4G Touch) is a great phone, but I'm finding it extremely difficult to justify how it could be better than webOS. It really makes me sad that it's come to this, but I really don't trust myself to FrankenPre, and I'm married to Sprint.

    Here's hoping that whatever happens with this current phone, I will have a webOS cell phone in the future. Stay strong, Precentral community. I hope we're in it for the long run.

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