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    As I have posted in a few places, my wife and I have the Google Nexus S now. I hope it is not goodbye to webOS forever though, as I still have an order for two TPs with BN.

    Android is most definitely not webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angiest View Post
    As I have posted in a few places, my wife and I have the Google Nexus S now. I hope it is not goodbye to webOS forever though, as I still have an order for two TPs with BN.

    Android is most definitely not webOS.
    If I had the money, I would have definitely bought a TP for 100 bucks at Best Buy.
    Back to webOS with my new Touchpad!!!
    Check Out My TouchPad Theme "Paint It Black"
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    To bad they screwed it up. At first I had some doubts purchasing this tablet, which quickly turned into regret after the annoucement. But having some friends that work at HP they told me to hold on to see what HP would do (pre firesale) and then we learn that HP will credit back people who purchased it, and then a fire sale is born!

    As I wait to make the call to HP to get the credit, Ive been playing arround with the tpad and I must say it has started to grow on me. At $150 for the 32GB plus the purchase of the Kalemsoft media player and the uberkernel/govna/logging tweaks, this makes for one kick *** Internet/Media consumption device! My only complaint is the browser is kinda crappy. Other than that, this is better than a crappy netbook for some "couch surfing" and will be way better than those equally crappy portable DVD players to keep the kid occupied during car rides! So in the end, thanks HP for screwing up! LOL To bad webOS may suffer as a result...

    Its a shame, as this firesale proved that price IS everything. HP could have priced this at 249/299 from the get go, and they probably would have seen better sales results. It still surprises me of the lack of patience from HP's part, and the blatant corporate greed and arrogance to think they could price this similar to the ipad. Also being a former owner of the Playbook, its VERY similar to webOS, almost to similar.

    It would be "helpful" if HP were to release some statement about just how many units were sold as a result of the firesale, as a concrete number may help influence some DEVS to continue work on some apps should the number be surprising (1 mil + units could be an eyebrow raiser)

    So worth the 99/149 if anyone was lucky enough to snag one! Hopefully in the end some good can come out of this.
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    Was so happy to get this and was truly lucky but after using this all day finding out the best apps doing all the tweaks the touchpad is a buggy tablet that even at 99 dollars I can't even find a use for. It's just not a good experience for me and I really did love webos once upon a time.

    All of you afraid your not going to get one stop it, in a few weeks tons of people will be selling this for 50 bucks. I even feel bad that I will make a profit on this since I used it for a day. I have been trying to warn friends but they think I'm being a hater.

    The funny part is a friend told me this would happen as he bought at 399 and returned it. If I paid full price for this I would have to hurt somebody, I'm mad at even 99 dollars.
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    thnx for the info.
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    it just sold in a matter a min for 200 these people are going insane. in 1min it sold.
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    Well I made the very painful choice to return my Thouchpad back to QVC, They say they are not going to price match the fire sale so it make no since keeping this and paying $650 (accessories included) for for others are paying $149.

    But mostly it is because I have waited long enough, As a original Palm Pre user (day it came out) I have waited over 2 years and still cannot do everything I need to do on it, But I waited....and waited, Hooray!!!! Her comes HP to save I waited some more and then it happened the day came, The Touchpad! and it is truly wonderful. But then a month later HP Bent me over and screwed me.

    HP, take all the printers (4) I own, The Desktops (3) the Laptops (3) the Palm Pre (3 in family) and the touchpad and Shove them up were the sun does not shine. NO MORE HP PRODUCTS FOR ME. Boycott HP!

    I traded my Palm Pre for an EVO3d (3D what a joke, really 3d on a phone? who cares.). I hate Android, All those reviewers with the bad WebOS review fail to tell you Android Sucks, But least I have the apps to run my business from my phone. But I still use my Palm Pre as wifi connected E-mail notifier sitting on the touchstone on my desk.

    Pre Central and users. Thank you for all of the help and I wish you all well and hope webOS stays strong and comes back with a vengeance with another company because I would switch back in a heartbeat.

    To the creator of the HP WebOS Hit Ler Video, You truly said it all, Thank you.

    With a tear in my eye I say goodbye
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    'Android' doesn't suck, at least not more than any other mobile OSs out there. If you say 'the EVO 3D sucks' however, you may be correct in your assessment.

    Were you able to return the accessories as well or are you selling them?
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    Vaya con dios. Hurry back.
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    Can't say I blame you for going, sir. Best of luck out there.
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    One thing that ****es me off is that in February everyone was excited about the thing that you would be able to pair webOS devices together. 6 months later we have a touchpad, a tablet that is nice, elegant and has webOS but it is half-baked and has no ecosystem at all. The thing that I wAs excited about and that made me lusting webOS was that integration of all the devices. Unfortunately 6 months later although HP is shutting down webOS hardware we still have yet to see those highly advertised features that made it special and different from the other devices. Now it is just another tablet for me only with less capabilities than iOS. IOS will take cloud syncing ffs and we that half year ago we were proud about the fact that our product would differ, we got stuck with something that just works now.

    I love my TP, I would never change it for an iPad but I don't like the fact that 6 months ago I could say with confidence that TP was the best out there and now I cannot say it and others to believe me..They need proof and unless someone owns a webOS device, he can't see the superiority of it.
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    I was an original Pre Minus owner until 3 days ago. The face was cracked, the usb port cover was long gone, and it was slow as all get out, but I loved my phone. The deal breaker was the dual trauma of HP's asinine announcement combined with the volume buttons going screwy on my phone. I couldn't set the ringer volume or the ear piece volume etc. I have been limping along with this poor phone for months anxiously waiting for the Pre 3 or ANYTHING WebOS to come to Sprint. I hit the wall, however, and found myself in Best Buy picking up a Nexus S from Samsung. (I am not the technogeek that my husband is, so I didn't need anything quite as serious...He turned in his Palm minus at the same time for an Evo 3D)
    It was hard. I was literally almost in tears. I whined about it the entire time I was there to the point that the best buy people were probably ready to throw me out. I HATE the onscreen keyboard (But hated even more the dorky landscape formatted keyboard on the EVO Shift, so what could I do...)
    All in all though, now that I have lived with my unwanted roommate of a phone for three days now, I have come to a surprising conclusion....hey, this aint that bad!
    The Android userface wasn't totally foreign, I have a Nook that the aforementioned TEchnogeek husband hacked into a proper Android tablet for me, so I already knew basically what to expect. What I didn't expect was a cool, sleek phone that actually did everything it was supposed to do. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still loath the onscreen keyboard, HATE predictive text (I actually inadvertently sent the word "*****" to someone when I was trying to tell a friend to take a girl "on a real one" referring to a real date, still trying to recover from the mortification) and MIss, oh How I MISS Cards that could be conveniently swept out of the way, and knowing that a program was closed, and the cute little portrait mode keyboard. I miss the perfect size of the pre and how it snuggled into my pocket without feeling like I was carrying around a huge Hershey's chocolate bar in my jeans. But what I LOVE is not having read the "too many cards" error for 3 whole days!!! I LOVE apps, apps and more Apps! I love that people are actually writing current stuff for this phone. I love opening an app and it immediately goes to work, no waiting for a processor years behind date to wake up and do its job. I love that my nook and amazon accounts are linked on my phone and on my Nook. I love the cool little clicks and whistles that google took time to put in. I love getting the free app of the day from Amazon. I love the foursquare and facebook now work seemlessly into my life. Now when I "check in" at a restaurant, I can actually checkin before the entre arrives. Amazing!
    Will I ever go back to WebOS? Maybe, but not without some serious changes. Never again am I going to be bound down to a slow phone with minimal apps. Never again will I be married to a single company with a single phone (take that iphone). I loved WEbOS, but have been betrayed by its keeper HP and in the process have had a whole new world opened up to me. Best of luck to all of you "still hanging in there" and thank you precentral for keeping us posted in all things Pre. I am off for new adventures with the Android Central team. And as for HP ... well.... up yours.
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    I am the aforementioned technogeek husband from the last post.

    It all started for me with the Cassiopeia e-10 running windows ce - my first pda. I loved having all my data at my fingertips, but it was slow and the screen was prone to cracking. My brother had an old palm IIIx and it was so much faster - I switched to palm and got a m105. And so it started for me. I since had a visor edge, m515, tungsten t3, treo 650 and Centro. Then I made the leap of faith to the pre minus - an untested new os that my friends loved and recommended to me. I got it and I loved it. I loved the cards and the swiping and the easy access to everything. How the homebrew apps and patches brought amazing things. But then I got to know intimately the too many cards errors, the waiting and waiting and waiting for an email to display, skyrocketing temperatures especially running sprint navigation, and various crashing and resetting. But most of all, I grew sick and tired of the waiting. The waiting for beautiful things that we would get in the "coming months". Waiting for new hardware that never came - especially for us unfortunate sprint customers. And the insanely inane and pathetic offer to finally "make it right".

    Then HP rocks my world with the announcement that they were giving up only 40 measly days after releasing the touchpad. What a waste. That was the last straw.

    My wife and I are now happy owners of an evo 3d and a nexus s. I wish they ran webOS - there are definitely things I will very much miss, but I love that I now have a speedy phone that is so responsive and I can find apps I need in the marketplace.

    I still listen to the palmcast and am interested in webos's future, but I'm gone and I may never look back. So long.
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    Thank you to the Palm community for 10+ years of fun.

    I just ordered my HTC Thunderbolt. While Android is not as sweet as PalmOS I believe it is time to move on. I am looking forward to the Datebk and TakePhone replacements that are running on Android.

    Best to luck to you all. If WebOS gets bought by Samsung or HTC than I could be back.

    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    Amazon leaves me no choice but to return my $599 Touchpad. I've decided to return the case and touchstone and wait a while to see how things shake out before rebuying on CL or elsewhere for less. In the event I don't rebuy I'll make do with our iPad 2 until a windows 8 slate comes out. As I said in a previous post, I'm a sucker for the underdogs...
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    Needless to say that I put my faith in HP for the last time!! HP stated they were going to ship my Touchpad and it would be here by Sept 2nd. Now it is mysteriously 'disappeared' from the system and they have no explanation as to why it was cancelled. I called SMB and they advised my to call customer service today (6am MST) and find out what is going on. When I called they had said the order was canceled on the 24th. What?? I received an email on the 25th CONFIRMING that the order went through. I believed HP with the confirmation since they already put a hold on my CC that my TP was on it's way. So I didn't need to go and Best Buy and wait in line to get one or try other retail outlets because HP already CONFIRMED that mine was coming. Now, it has disappeared everywhere around the country and I am SOL. Talk about pulling the rug out from underneath me. Sure, if I want to get a TP that bad, I will have to work with the price gougers on Craigslist and have to meet someone in some back-ally deal. Yikes!!! Talk about a headache!!!
    Sprint Phones owned since Fall of 2001: Samsung I300, Samsung I330, Samsung I500, Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 700p, Centro, 800w, Palm Pre, Samsung Epic and now the HTC 3D EVO.
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    LOL Good bye all there's more important things than these devices
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    Well after 2 and half years it's finally time to say goodbye.

    It's been such a rollercoaster of a ride, When I first got you showing my IPhone mates they were in wonder of the Webos system, being the only person in Edinburgh UK (Im sure of!) with the phone saying it's going to take over the world.

    After the second month the Pre kept resetting itself, queue the first of 3 replacements. Poor battery life, dodgy speaker.

    Paid Apps for the first time

    Waiting on the updates, checking Precentral almost every hour to see if the update has been released in the US or Europe (Wife thought I was mental)

    Wondering if we will get 2.0 what a let-down that was!

    The shock that HP bought Palm, then the slow realisation that they
    were a shower of shi*e

    But despite the broken promises, faulty hardware, very few quality apps and am heartbroken that I just had to upgrade to a Blackberry 9900. I am really going to miss the superior WebOs system, the Precentral community and just having a phone that I have loved. This is the best phone I have owned in the 15 years of having mobiles.

    What I hope for the future is that someone takes the idea that Palm had and gets it right and it rightfully becomes one of the best phone systems around.
    I hope it isnt a goodbye Palm, I hope its just a wee break and Ill see you again soon ...

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    I've been with Sprint since Nov. '02, but yesterday I walked out of Verizon with a Droid 3. I've used Palm since the Visor days, struggled through the Centro and love my Pre-. But, after 2 years (and only 1 replacment), it is about to give up the ghost. I'll try and report back what a webos guy thinks of android. My phone is my business and my Pre- is in pretty bad shape, but then again I've used it a TON every day. If webos can ever come back, I'll be there...assuming I don't fall in love w/ android. My guess is it will suffice, but not be as easy and intuitive as webos, but I must give it a couple weeks to be fair.

    Oh, I'll also let ppl know what I think of physical vs. virtual keyboards. I'm a big physical guy, thus the safety net with the Droid3. Before anyone ask, I switched to Verizon for more coverage. With my wife's work plan discount, pricing is about the same as Sprint. Bottom line is Sprint is cheaper, but coverage is worse for those that cover the entire state of Indiana.
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    Well I had to do it. I've been with Webos since drop-day...but between Sprint's tower issues and declining customer service, and HP's current lack of plans for new devices...I finally decided to move to a different carrier.

    For cost purposes, I chose At&t...and because I got them so cheap, my wife and I got....*gulp*....iphones.

    But I'm on the hunt for a good Pre Plus! And if HP decides to do something in the future I 'm sure I have a better chance with ATT than Sprint...

    But I never thought I'd feel this down about a I'm literally a little sad.

    Boooooo Hp.

    Booooo to you sirs.

    You have an OS with dedicated users...and unlike the cult of the iphone, these users actually care about the OS and its development. Sad sad day.
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