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    Im a day one'r... I jumped to the nexus s a couple of weeks ago.. So far so good, but miss webos
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    Quote Originally Posted by weenarz1176 View Post
    EVO ain't that great. Big, bloated, software glitches more than the Pre's, phone doesn't ring half the time. UI is fugly and inconsistent. Battery life equally bad. I live in Overland Park, KS - where Sprint has its HQ - and NEVER use 4G because of lack of reception and unimpressive speeds. Miss having gestures on my phone. Sure it is faster, has more apps, more core functionality. But it's overhyped.
    What big glitches are you talking about? Did you use the evo 3D? The only "glitch" i had was that the sense UI shut down and restarted....which took literally like 6 seconds....far less than a luna restart, and that was when i was syncing everything and installing updates to all my apps while browsing the web.
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    Just had a look at the OP, and wondered two things:

    1) How on earth did a thread like this get to three pages?

    2) Why did someone bump this?
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    Hey there,

    Just wanted to check in.. I was an occasional Pre- owner (Sprint), and had to finally give up on my Pre.. Too many hardware issues, not enough app support (the usual complaints)..

    I moved to a Nexus S 4G, and so far I am 75% happy that I did. The 25%? Obviously it's the ease of use with WebOS over Android.. Android does adequate multitasking for a phone, but nothing as easy as WebOS. Also, the big screen is a big+, and the many, many apps is great (but not as great as you'd think- think 10 versions of a program that do the exact same thing, and trying to figure out why you'd want one over the other.. not a terrible dilemma to have though). The hardware is solid.. The wifi/4G is very spotty (but the Android 2.3.5 update will take care of that).. Android has it's quirks and its own share of lag (not Pre- type lag, but still, lag). Overall I'm not upset about the switch (so far).

    I wish Sprint could've reached a deal with HP, but unfortunately they didn't and I like the carrier too much, and I am on a family plan so I couldn't jump ship so easily.

    Good luck to all and enjoy your Pre3's when they come out!
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    I was in the same boat with my Pre-. It had all kinds of issues but was still functional to some degree.

    I made the switch to an Evo3D and am about 75% satisfied with it at this time as well. My initial concerns were (1) the overall size (2) no physical keyboard, but I have quickly adapted to both. It still fits nicely in my back pocket and the on screen keyboard with predictive input and intelligent auto correct makes typing incredibly easy and more efficient than the Pre-'s keyboard.

    Of course, the main issue I had was multi-tasking because I simply had gotten use to being able to have Facebook, Email, IM, and Tunein Radio all going at the same time, and easily switching between them via cards. There are some android apps that mimic this behavior, but they aren't that great imo.

    One thing I didn't realized how much I liked on webos was the messaging arrangement where all messages, regardless of it is SMS or IM are contained within the same program. On android I have to have one app for SMS and another for IMs. That kind of sucks.

    What I do like about the phone is:
    (1) The overall build quality -even though the first one I bought at Sams club had defective on-off button and I had to have the phone replaced after 2 hours of owning it-. It is a solid phone that is well put together and doesn't feel "plastic-y"
    (2) The large high res screen. It is great for surfing the web and reading text. I mean it really makes me even reconsider getting a tablet alltogether. Because for the work and hobbies I have related to multimedia, a tablet can't replace a high powered laptop that I carry and it simply serves no real purpose from that standpoint.

    All said, I am really hoping that Sprint and HP work out whatever it is they need to work out, so that we can get a WebOS phone on Sprint within the next 12 months (when I'm up for my annual renewal). If there is a new WebOS phone on Sprint by next summer, I will definately be moving back to WebOS.
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    So true!
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    Mods - letting you know right now this thread may need to be moved.

    For starters, had HP released the Pre3 on Sprint this summer like we ALL assumed, I would own one, as would my wife. We are both Pre- launch day users. But they didn't. They released a Veer, a touchpad, but no Pre3. My wife's Pre- was having more problems than mine (also sketchy these days) and she had enough. She picked up a Nexus S 4G last week, and is thrilled. I've been playing with it as much as possible and there's a ton to love.

    Just for starters, it's got a great large screen, super fast, crazy apps in Android Market, 4G!, great camera, better Google apps (maps, email, goggles, etc etc). She went Nexus to avoid the fragmentation problem, she's assured of having the best of Android OS for quite a while. Typing needs some getting used to, she went with Swype and is getting the hang of it and really enjoying.

    Imagine opening a camera and having it work! No stuttering, no lag! Imagine deleting 5-6 emails and not freezing up. It exists. Just not on webOS.

    Now I won't pretend everything is perfect. The multitasking just doesn't compare. Notifications are difficult. Gesture area controls (pandora, Dr. Podder etc) don't exist. Synergy. Touchstone. We all know these by heart. But as I've come to conclusion that I'm done with webOS I've got a more objective view as well. webOS has all these great features but struggle with the basics. Android (and iOS) do the basics great but don't have some of the finishing touches of webOS. At the end of the day having Synergy and Touchstone is secondary if I need to reset my phone constantly, and the mail app takes eons to open.

    The Pre3 is not cutting edge. I am aware you don't need to be in the specs war to have a great phone (hey - we went with the Nexus and not one of the dual cored monsters). But the Pre3 by all accounts has the same shortcomings as the Veer and Touchpad, it still lags, it still stutters. The screen is small, the specs are old. I just don't see how one can play with a Nexus S and still desire a Pre3.

    I will miss this place, there is no community in mobile like Precentral, there's only one webOSinternals, Jason Robittaille, only one place to use the konami code. Worst case, webOS is a dying ship. Best case, extreme niche. It just won't be successful - If a dyed in the wool user like me gives up I just don't see them making inroads in the market.

    Only decision left to make is how long to hold on. Do I go iPhone 5 when it hits sprint, Nexus Prime, Galaxy S II, or just go pick up a Nexus S today (at $75 after corp discount it's the best value in mobile).
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    I think Palm´s users patience has a limit; as a heavy Palm user since the beginning of 3Com I know how hard is bringing to the market very good ideas.
    I waited for very long time to get here in Spain a Palm Pre. I think it was the best smartphone i ever had but... for more than a year i was waiting for updated (and necessary) hardware/software.
    Now I have lost my faith in HP and i have a Samsung Galaxy S2, all i ever wanted from my old Pre and much better.
    I miss a lot two very important features ... Pre´s notifications and "cards" and I still keep an eye in Palm Pre 3, but ... my patience has run out.
    Long life to Palm!

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    Cant you get an unlocked pre 2?
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    Based on what I saw in the French preview video yesterday, there's nothing in the Pre 3 that'll blow your mind. It looks somewhat faster and it's obviously a bit larger. If all you want is a slightly faster and larger Pre 2 with a front-facing camera, then I guess it's worth the wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudiella View Post
    Now I have lost my faith in HP and i have a Samsung Galaxy S2, all i ever wanted from my old Pre and much better.
    Well, here's the advantage you have -- you have a very capable device in your hands right now. Assuming you would upgrade every year or two, you now have a nice year or two cushion to decide if it was worth the wait.

    Who knows in a year or two webOS could explode and compete with or surpass Android and the iPhone as far as capabilities, applications and developer support. Or, it could fizzle even more and be a dead platform by then. Or, it could just continue to limp along the same as it has for the past 2+ years.

    Regardless, you will have a choice when you decide to retire your Galaxy S2. Enjoy it while you have it!!
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    Once you hold the Pre3, and use that amazing keyboard... You will want one.
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    Once you use a android phone with the predictive text keyboard you will want it.

    Seeing how unfinished the touchpad is I don't have high hopes for the pre3. The only thing that keeps me away is the possibility of webos not being around 2 years from now.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    To answer the OP's question:

    For me, yes.

    Simple enough.

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    when did this become android central?

    <thread moved>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Once you hold the Pre3, and use that amazing keyboard... You will want one.
    Genuine, not snarky question. Have you actually done so? I am happy with my Pre 2, but have always found the Palm keyboards unremarkable. I'd much rather have a virtual keyboard with swype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by threed61 View Post
    Genuine, not snarky question. Have you actually done so? I am happy with my Pre 2, but have always found the Palm keyboards unremarkable. I'd much rather have a virtual keyboard with swype.
    yes, I was fortunate enough to be at the feb 9th announcement events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    when did this become android central?

    <thread moved>
    The guy is just being helpful pointing out there are options that mite work for people if they will or cannot move to the Pre3, if that will ever be released that is.
    I've found it to be a kind gesture.
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    each day I see news of more & more tablet optimized websites-- Flickr, the Daily Show, Google. Each time I dutifully check the site on the TP and I discover that the tablet optimized isnt delivered.

    so while the apps may lag we were left with the hope that the web would be as awesome as it is on the iPad.

    Nope, nope a hundred times nope. Apparently HP is not only unable to attract developers, but they cant even get gigantic web services to add the damn user agent to their webserver. If HP Cant call Viacom, Google, yahoo and CNN then why should we have any hope that small decelopers and medium sized websites will ever be optimized for the TouchPad. Its only a month in, but theres no excuse for not having the above sites on board.

    still too many bugs, still inexplicable slowdowns, fragnented developer roadmap, unsure upgrade path. I have no one to blame but myself because Palm has been playing by the same playbook for 5 years... Overpromise, underdeliver, break promises, abandon loyal users and never get the next iteratikn right before ditching us again.

    for now, take this as a request to identify websites that are tablet optimized. List those that do and do not recognize the TP as such, and which work as promised. Then let's do hP's job for them and get these developers to add our user agent.

    le sigh

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