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    After a good 7 months of using a Pre-, I've just bought a LG Optimus Windows Phone. My Pre's digitizer started to fail, and I didn't really want to upgrade to a Pre 2/3, considering that the devices aren't even supported in Australia.

    Windows Phone 7 just seems like a more stable ecosystem to me (Microsoft are STILL supporting XP) and the UI is damn sexy. It doesn't have the fragmentation issues of Android and isn't as locked down as Apple. It's probably the best choice, apart from WebOS.

    I'll miss WebOS, and I'll be keeping a keen eye on it, but I'm not sure if I'd buy another HP/Palm phone (at least not for a long time). That said, this community is awesome. I'll be moving over to wpcentral, but I'll still check back here from time to time. Thanks for all your help, even though I didn't post much
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    Thanks sm07 - and enjoy the phone and wpcentral community. You're welcome here anytime!
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    Yesterday I crossed over to Nexus S 4G world. My Palm Pre internal speaker died and I had to use speaker phone for any phone calls I tried to make. Very yucky.

    The Nexus S is pretty slick so far. The Pre was never this crisp or snappy.

    I'll be lurking around for a while.
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    Unfortunate but with no Pre 3 for Sprint there will be alot of these threads Again unfortunate.
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    as soon as the galaxy s2 hits i am in the same boat. wish it wasnt the case and i am sure i will be back but what can you do.
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    sadly, me too... I'll be going the EVO 3D route next week - will miss the touchstone & webOS, but will LOVE having Audible, Shazam, BarCode Scanner, and real GoogleMaps, I'm ToddK over at AndroidCentral too, (there are tons of us there..) :-)

    I'm keeping my Pre ((Sprint - launch day)) to use as an mp3 player PIM - alarm clock and for the best app out for the Pre the StarTrekCommunicator! :-) I love that app! Trek fans can't believe when I "flip" the phone and the communicator "opens= & makes the sound...

    Maybe webOS will "take off" and then return to Sprint next year - but my money is on the Sprints getting the iPhone this Fall & couldn't care less about webOS right now... Pre 4, maybe.

    Still love this place too & will be "lurking" once or twice a week....

    it's a sad day.... :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    Unfortunate but with no Pre 3 for Sprint there will be alot of these threads Again unfortunate.
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    I did same thing about 2 months ago with the Nexus S4G. I was back in 2 weeks. Do me a favor, try searching your email (other than Gmail)... Oops, you can't. Multitasking is like pulling hair. And don't get me started about the reception...
    At least for me, I found Android to be very fast, and plenty of cool apps... But not truly powerful, and certainly not user friendly.
    instead, I moved to AT&T sith a Veer. Nice. Very nice.
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    Well my Pre has finally bit the dust, too many times in the swimming pool and it's time to move on. Just picked up an Evo. There I things I like more about the Evo (4.3" screen, HD video, 8MP camera!! 32gb storage!!!) and some not, I'm really going to miss my Touchstone charger and the "card" aspect of the WebOS, i really think WebOS is a great OS, too bad Palm couldn't make a better phone to support it.

    In any event, just want to say thanks to all the developers, the free apps and all the help I got here while I owned the Pre!
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    Good luck to you....the Pre 3 would be that better phone, but I understand not wanting to leave your carrier of choice, and HP not releasing any information about what's going on with the Pre 3 is causing more than a little annoyance for those on other carriers.
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    <<threads merged>>
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    two days ago I picked up a Nexus S.

    i'm going to miss webOS, but after using it as my phone, it just does not compare to the support, speed, "wow" factor and reliability of things like the Nexus.

    i am definitely taking note of some things about android that i took for granted in the Pre: swipe-away notifications, fast task switching/killing, synergy, and the just-for-coolness-sake magnet charger. Android seems to require more taps and menu-navigating to do some of these things in arguably unintuitive ways, but these are things i can learn to live without.

    i still find myself checking webOS news sites, so, maybe i'll see you guys again in a couple years. i've even donated to WOI, so, remember:

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    after 21 months, my pre died today without warning, can't even doctor it. time to move on, getting an android tomorrow because right now, there is nowhere in this world a webos device available to be picked as my next phone. and i need my phone now, not in a few months.

    life moves fast, hp misses the things.
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    i finally had to face the facts and return the touchpad.

    It has a lot of potential but for now it seemed half baked.
    maybe in a few months when all the updates are done, the bugs fixed plus and the price reduced, this would make sense to buy but for now I was not too impressed.
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    cool story bro
    1 ghz Sprint Pre-
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    I actually tried to take mine back a few days ago because I was so frustrated with it. It kept losing sound and I could only get it back by restarting. It also had a spec of something under the screen.

    Since I was past the 14 days (by one day) Bestbuy wouldn't refund me, but they did offer to send it in for repair. I'm in a unique situation where I'm working in another State for my company and may or may not be around to receive it once it was repaired, so they swapped it out.

    The replacement unit (new in box) has nothing under the screen and has yet to lose sound, which I assumed was a model-wide bug. I'm kind of glad it worked out this way. I really like WebOS as a tablet OS and the new Kindle app is awesome. As far as I'm concerned, it can only get better from here.
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    I waited in line for my pre how far I have come in the last 2 years. Now I'm on EVO and now just purchased Honeycomb Tablet.

    Staples has a 100 off tablet coupon. Unfortunately it excludes touchpads specifically. I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab after playing with the touchpad a little while in the store. I will check back with HP webos in 6 months to see how far they have come as far as the things I need such as Remote Desktop and Document editing.

    So far liking the Galaxy Tab.
    Was debating between this and the Acer that has all the nice ports on it.
    But beauty won out in this case.
    <<staff edit>>

    My Edit
    Sorry didn't mean for this to sound like a goodbye thread.(I see how the check back in 6 months sounds like goodbye) I didn't mean check back here. I meant it more as I will wait 6 months before comparing the features available with what is out there and what I currently have. Oh well Now I'm just a number in the super long goodbye thread. Also apparently can't link to 100 off coupon so just Google it if you are interested.
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    Wow, 26 pages?
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    I am on the edge with webOS. I sold my iPhone 4 for one. New too. Unlocked GSM.

    It's <<mod delete>> horrible, NO support from the company, NO updates and NO apps.

    You might say it's because I came from Apple but my experience with the HTC Wildfire was better than this!

    I'm planning on selling my phone because I can't be bothered being ditched anymore. I'm gonna stay current on a platform like Android which isn't as nice as webOS but can get things done.

    webOS is just NOT practical for everyday life. If you wonder why Palm is gone, take a look at your device. Your OS and your friend with an iPhone 4.

    Goodbye Pre Central, my accound will probably go down for this but whatever. I've told you my honest thoughts.

    <<mod delete>> You webOS. I won't be able to buy another iPhone til the end of the year now.
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    SB =================================================================
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    Me thinks you are overrating yourself. Don't know if many really care if you stay or go. Some like webOS, others don't. In the grand scheme of things it's just a phone.

    Have a good life.
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Not practical for everyday life?

    What is it that you need for "practicality" in everyday life that this phone cannot do?

    Please do not say "lots of apps" Be specific, if you can.

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