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    Cards is a major plus with webOS. And while we don't get all of our gesture strokes from our phones, we still do have swipes to do on the TouchPad. I admit missing the back gesture initially, but I'm over it now.
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    I guess I don't understand the frustration. The touchpad has the most important gesture, the up-swipe, and I have rarely missed the back swipe. Afterall, I still use my Pre constantly which fulfills my back swiping needs.

    I don't know, I am absolutely loving my touchpad, but then again, it fits what I need to a tee, and I know your mileage may vary...
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    You can't call any gesture more important than another. All gestures were created equal. Removing one is the same as removing all. ='(
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    You can't call any gesture more important than another. All gestures were created equal. Removing one is the same as removing all. ='(
    I disagree. I use the up swipe more than any other gesture, that makes it the most important. And I'd MUCH RATHER have one gesture than none, so it's not the same as removing them all... For me anyway.
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    more than just back swipe, also missing the 'advanced' gesture to switch between cards.
    now I gotta up-swipe go switch cards..... Booo-hoo woe is me....
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyo3221 View Post
    ITS A PHONE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a grip !!!!!
    my god you people act like your God abandoned you and you have no hope in life. wow. I still have a launch day pre and it works great. it still does most things i want a phone to do. my wife has the evo 4g and i use it all the time to help her use it. IT IS NO webOS. I HATE IT. the UI is clunky and switching tasks and going back and forth sucks.....yes i said it sucks. if you think the evo is the camera is great and the video chat is great. the screen is big. honestly thats about it. i am running overclocked 800mhz and its just as fast in most areas. I love the cards system, the touchstone, the backswipes...etc.etc. if you dont love webOS please leave and dont ever come back...its a phone not a child or wife who left you or let you down. the touchpad is friggin brilliant and makes the ipad look clunky and android look stupid. If you cant understand the beauty of webOS then go...but for god sakes quit trolling. you are a quitter...simple and plain. my father in law left for the iphone and he was droooling over the touchpad today....its that good....webOS ui HAS NO Competition truthfully.....sorry for the anger but so sick of hearing what palm or hp owes us.....they owe us nothing. we love the OS thats why we are here.
    Wow. What an incredible post. You start off telling people to "get a grip" because "it's just a phone". And then begin attacking other phones, completely disregarding the needs of actual Human Beings in favor of defending a corporation and then (...wait for it...) call people "quitters" for abandoning a 2yr old phone despite the fact that Palm/HP abandoned us only a few months after launch.

    This kind of misdirected anger is exactly why HP has such an uphill battle in their attempts at relevance. The WebOS concept is by far the most intuitive and elegant mobile OS... on paper, but in reality there are major issues to be discussed by rational paying consumers. The problem is that those discussions are immediately shut down, unfounded excuses aabout how "they're working on it" are made and anyone who doesn't love a flawed product is labeled a troll and then shelved in this dark corner of the forum.

    Getting new customers is tough, but getting back old customers who're planning on leaving isn't impossible if you respect the fact that they invested in your product in the first place.
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    At the end of the film "Pirates of Silicon Valley" (a great film if you're a tech fan, btw) Steve Jobs is accosting Bill Gates after discovering that Microsoft Windows is shipping on IBM clone PCs by the time the Mac is being introduced. (MS more or less copied Windows from the Mac.) As Bill Gates starts to walk away in victory Jobs says, "Our stuff is better." Bill Gates turns around, gestures at the pile of IBM clones on the floor and says, "That doesn't matter," then turns and walks into the digital sunset.

    First to market, and the resulting lock on developers, trumps quality every time. It happened with VCRs, too. Anybody remember Betamax? It was actually a superior format to VHS but VHS won out by flooding the market and landing most of the movie studios in their camp.

    I'm afraid that's where webos stands today. It's better, but nobody cares. Sad, because I've been a Palm fan since my first Handspring, but I think my new Touchpad is my new Betamax player...
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    Some thoughts:
    The Tablet market is still young (HP alone sold more PCs than the ENTIRE Tablet market sold).
    The VHS/Betamax war was determined by the **** industry (VHS was cheaper).
    Microsoft was able to win the PC market by locking up businesses.

    So what HP needs to do is release a product that both businesses and the **** industry supports and they will win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephndudb View Post
    ... As Bill Gates starts to walk away in victory Jobs says, "Our stuff is better." Bill Gates turns around, gestures at the pile of IBM clones on the floor and says, "That doesn't matter," then turns and walks into the digital sunset....
    I have to agree with this. webOS does a lot of things better than the competition, but people don't seem to care; they still pick iOS & Android. Hopefully that changes soon.
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    I am not really sure why all the doom and gloom. 4th of july, fireworks, hot dogs People!

    The 7in Samsung tablet sold more than a million unit on a platform built for a phone with a skin on top of it to make it feel like what it was not in a couple of month. Was that a runaway success ? Maybe not. the advertising on TV for that product was sparse.

    Now fast forward to now. WebOS 3.0 was built for the tablet (not even iOS was built for the tablet). They have announced their policy regarding webOS will be for the long run. They accepted to play it low key from the start and pretty much any sale since July 1st are based on HP's name alone (and from ppl like us, fanatics rooting for webOS). as far as I know there is no ad campaign (we know it is coming) yet. We read the reviews and i have to say on the comment sections you could even read a few iFans rooting for webOS 3.0.

    PPl are excited about HP and webOS.. Not so much about Android on tablets (not now anyway, but i am sure Google is working very hard to make it a great sinergy platform too as they are in the cloud biz from the core, unlike iOS that will be starting in Fall)

    History will repeat itself and Apple will still say "but our stuff are the best" but webOS will be saying "No, not this time" in the long run.
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    Here's the challenge for webOS: I was once an ardent supporter of the platform, but I switched to Android because of some apps that I simply had to have (or just really wanted to have) for my job and personal life. The funny thing is, Android works just fine for me. No, it's not as good as webOS as an OS, but the tremendous variety and depth of apps in the Android Market mean I can do things with my smartphone (Samsung Epic) and tablet (Asus Transformer) that I was never able to do with webOS--and still couldn't.

    Ultimately, what makes webOS great isn't what's going to drive people to the platform. Yes, multitasking is wonderful, but only if you have a wide variety of apps to multitask. And yes, variety matters--apps aren't a one-size-fits-all prospect. What works for one person might not work for another, and that's why there are different apps that do largely the same thing. Like cars, and airliners, and TVs, and just about every other product. And there's no excuse for webOS to still be lacking in major app categories at this point.

    Furthermore, Honeycomb on the Asus Transformer is actually a very nice platform with its own strengths. It doesn't multitask as well as webOS, but the widgets mean that I can get a great deal of information just by waking the device up and glancing at the screen. Often, I get good use out of the platform without opening a single app directly (because of course the apps have widgets that provide the info). Honeycomb is also, like Android in general, highly customizable. I have many different keyboards, launchers, Web browsers, SMS clients, email clients, etc., etc. to choose from if the stock versions don't work for me. That's a very nice aspect of Android that shouldn't be overlooked.

    The bottom line is, taking a knee-jerk approach that webOS is necessarily better than the other platforms just because it works great for you is a reflection of what's becoming wrong with the platform and its supporters--a myopic view that ignores the market reality and hopes and wishes for success. Ultimately, Android might not be better than webOS, but it's good enough for 500,000 activations a day, and in the end that's all that's going to matter.

    HP needs to take some bold actions to make the platform successful. Pay developers directly to make apps if you need to (a la Microsoft with Windows Phone 7), price the damn things below Apple to entice people to buy them, make sure that the hardware has absolutely NO compromises that people can point to (like lacking a rear camera and a GPS chip). Maybe a rear camera doesn't matter to some people, but others will see the lack of one when choosing a tablet and there won't be anybody there to convince them it doesn't really matter. And no GPS chip? What the hell was HP thinking?

    The same old "will be fixed in an update" and "apps are coming soon" and "nobody does X or Y with a (smartphone/tablet) so it doesn't really matter" won't fly any longer. And yes, I'm venting my frustrations here at seeing the same mistakes being made again and again when it comes to webOS.
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    I've had a Palm phone since my Treo about 7 years ago & had a Handspring Visor back in 2001, but over the last 2 years with having somewhere around 17 bad Pre-'s on Sprint, then paying to leave & swapping to VZW & having 5 bad Pre2's & a bad Pre+...

    I freakin LOVE webOS!!! However, I can only deal with crap hardware for so long & I've FINALLY hit my breaking point. I spent over an hour on the phone with "Palm" support & after speaking with 4 rep's from the Phillipines that I could barely understand, I had to end up calling VZW (I was told I would need to pay $30 for an advanced exchange PLUS have a credit card hold of $400 or be without my phone for a 5-7 days!!). Well, I didn't take yet ANOTHER Pre2 so I talked the gal into upgrading me into a Droid X2 instead.

    I tried to hold out until the Pre3 came out so I could have the upgrade into that...and now it turns out the Pre3 that was announced for summer is pushed back until Fall...lame. EXTREMELY lame! I've just had it.

    I even went to Best Buy the night before TouchPad launch day & play with a 16GB TP -it was cool enough for sure! I wanted it to show me that my wait would be worth it and that things were changing...however, from my 25-minute playtime, the thing lagged & froze on my for about the 3rd of my actions. It had some great features & I loved the feel of it (a lot better than even the iPad2 -which feels too small in my grip), but the lags were annoying and frustrating.

    I'm going to take a break from my beloved webOS for a year or more until I can see the software AND hardware can mature to MUCH higher standards. I'll miss the OS & do what I can to make Android mimic it, but at least I'll have HD quality vids/pics from a good camera, good hardware, and hopefully a less frustrating experience in the meantime.

    I sincerely hope that HP pulls this off & pushes webOS to amazing heights. I will still look forward to having webOS on my PC later so I can still use the massive library of apps I have invested in, but until then, I guess I'll use one of my old Pre's as a glorified media device in DevMode on wifi...

    I'll still watch the forums & keep up on the news, but now I'm off to Android|Central to figure out what I can do there for when my Droid arrives on Tuesday...

    Hasta y'all...
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    Interesting that my earlier post got moved (twice) to this obscure "farewell thread" backwater. Who said I was leaving? I just dropped $600 on a Touchpad instead of an iPad yesterday. And I wasn't complaining about anything, just making an observation based on previous historical trends...
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    Well, my day one Pre finally bit the dust. Started with the "can't get out of airplane mode" dilemma. Tried doing a full erase, but got the "encountered an error, contact Palm" message. Re-installed the battery, now I just get the spinning wheel of death until eternity. I don't think any amount of WebOS doctoring is going to help (though Lord knows it's saved my **** any number of times in the past!).

    Since I'm tied to Sprint with my 25% work discount, and there's no way in hell Android will ever ben an option for me, I'm going to give the Windows 7 phone a shot. I've been in love with my Zune and the accompanying software for a couple of years now, so I'm hoping the transition is relatively painless.

    Thanks to all the amazing work that everybody here has put in to help my 2 years with Palm an amazing time! I'm still thinking about the TouchPad, so I might still be a WebOS user at some point.

    Just curious, does anybody know of a way to get one's contact info, either from Sprint or off the Palm profile servers? Without having a working phone???
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    My day one pre finally died yesterday! I had to get a new phone and I got the EVO 4g. I am extremely ****ed off at HP for leaving me in this position (I don't give a ***** whose fault it is, HP or Sprint) I freakin hate the evo but have no choice. I chose the 4g because it worked out to be free. I hope something is released in a few months...I hate being forced to use inferior crap.

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    hasta, licotto
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    So long to all of my Pre friends. I've been a VERY longtime fan of Handspring/Palm/HP's phones. I bought 2 Handspring Visors on the opening day. Oh, for the giddy times surrounding the promise of the springboard! One of the Visors became a VisorPhone, even.

    When Handspring became Palm, I followed suite. Every Treo that I've had, and there's several, was fun, capable, and filled with pirate-like glee as I bucked the trends. It was, honestly, very rare that I thought, 'If only my phone worked like... the other guys'.

    However, all good things must come to an end. I've ordered an Evo 3D and will be retiring my Pre in a couple of days. A lot of this is driven by timing. I needed to replace my phone and, unfortunately, HP's deciding to release the Pre3 in 'The Fall' was a breaking point for me. I just don't understand why HP is insisting on releasing new devices as the dominant player releases their new (if only incremental) device.

    Happily, this is not a goodbye to the '-Central' community. I'll just be moving over the Android forums. If anything, it's the good people here and within the WebOS community that have kept me on the Pre for so long after I lost faith in the new owners of my favorite OS.

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