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    I'm leaving WebOS for Android, it's not a "Goodbye", but more of a "See you later". I really REALLY like the WebOS operating system, but I need a new phone, so the EVO 3D will do until Sprint starts carrying new HP(formerly PALM) cell phones with the WebOS operating system...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RATMfanatic View Post
    . . . the EVO 3D will do until Sprint starts carrying new HP(formerly PALM) cell phones with the WebOS operating system...
    I wouldnt expect Sprint to carry webOS devices if customers continue to just purchase Android devices. I switched to AT&T and let Sprint know that was the reason. If you are a fan of webOS why not stick with that, instead of with a carrier that has recently shown very little hope for webOS diehards and customers. I was demoted in my Premier status and they took away an early upgrade, I gave up on Sprint and more people should too.
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    Got my new HTC 3D phone with dual processors does everything and more.

    After going through 8 or 9 Sprint Pre in less than a year. With the last one having screws literally fall out speakers blow out and network connectability stop working after just 4 months, I have had it.

    Promises of Flash never realized. Poor hardware performance. Poor manufacturer support. Lies by current parent of doing something for current Pre owners. No new hardware or firm ware available even though there are 3 generations of Pre made above what is available to Sprint. Enough is reason to stick to this garbage and a company that does not even support its junk.

    HTC promised a 3D phone, and it was available in no time at all, on the exact date, with every feature they promised working 100%. It is an amazing piece of hardware...blows away my Pre even with its 1gig OC and numerous other enhancements.

    Is the Android OS as nice as WebOS? Honestly no, but it does everything and more...much more, phone has so many features it will take me weeks to learn it all. I am very happy to finally be rid of this piece of crap phone by Palm/HP.

    Its ironic that HP bought Palm. Many years ago I bought one of the first consumer high performance HP color injet printers on the market, it cost me over $600, and it never worked right. I went on to 2 others, and all worked like garbage. Jammed, slow, overpriced ink, stripped and broken plastic gears, recalls, etc. I swore to never buy another HP product due to poor quality and premium prices. I have had the same experience from day 1 with Palm products, and it seems that is the general consensus from just about anyone that has owned a Pre of Pixi. I have spoken to many Sprint people and they have nothing good to say about Palm's products. So now one Lemon manufacturer bought another lemon maker...perfect combo for some real bitter lemonade.

    Their combined credibility with me is so tarnished that I wouldn't take a new Pre for free. The loss of time, business, and money, not to mention frustration has been so great to me that it just would not be worth it. Maybe some of you use your phone for fun, or just to make plans with your friends, but for someone that needs his phone for business its just too unreliable....just not a professional grade product and so far the business that is being shown by HP/Palm is also surprisingly unprofessional.

    When Apple releases something its in the stores as promised, as do most other "good" companies.
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    belongs in palm complaint thread thanks
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    SLAM...that's the door behind you.
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    Have fun the next few weeks trying to figure out how to use your awesome phone.
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    Extreme low post count - Check
    Very recent join date - Check
    Extreme hate -OR- "Extreme love" but "tired and forced to leave" - Check
    Complaining how you had to go through 3,293,473,334 replacements - Check
    On Sprint - Check
    Preaching how the new phone is soooooo much better - Check

    I'm sorry, but you've just passed the troll litmus test with flying colours.
    Palm IIIc -> Sony CLIÉ T650C -> Sony TJ-37 -> Palm TX -> Palm Centro -> Palm Pre Bell -> Palm Pre Plus Bell/Verizon Hybrid -> HP Veer -> HP Pre 3 NA -> BlackBerry Classic -> BlackBerry Priv

    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

    Need OEM Palm Pre parts? See here
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    haha. how sad that a phone can make someone so angry.

    take care!
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    I'm one of the most angry guys around here today, last night my launch day pre die under the rain. So I have to go with the EVO 3D an his !@#$%^&*(* andorid.

    Just hope sprint don't launch pre 3 on the next year or I'll feel like ^&*&^%$#$% for the rest of the next year.

    I HATE YOU HP & SPRINT, you cant give me a so beautiful, functional, nice, easy to use and so more and more OS and then take it out of my hand just like that.

    PS. all hate comments are welcome
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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonynkus View Post
    PS. all hate comments are welcome
    That's like hating Toyota for that time you locked your baby in your '89 Camry.
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    I don't understand why you americans are so loyal to your carriers. Surely you can change to another carrier with little hassle?

    either wait for the Pre 3 to get an official release or go for the Pre2 on at&t or Verizon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damien88 View Post
    I don't understand why you americans are so loyal to your carriers. Surely you can change to another carrier with little hassle?

    either wait for the Pre 3 to get an official release or go for the Pre2 on at&t or Verizon.
    it really is a hassle. All the phone sales here are purchased with 2 year contracts with heavy termination fee's (which is why people struggle so much on waiting on the next phone, since they will be stuck with whatever they have for the next 2 years). There's no value in purchasing a phone off contract because all the phone plans are priced very high to subsidise the reduced phone cost you get when you sign the contract, and you get no discount for purchasing a phone at full price off contract.

    On top of that, the plans are expensive, and verizon and ATT are even more expensive.
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    I don't really understand why the OP had to go with the EVO 3D without complaining about it and android. Im not complaining about your system for phone contracts (although it seems extreme). Just why the OP would go for a phone he/she isn't completely satisfied with for the next 2years.

    How expensive are you'r contracts by the way.

    Im paying £30 ($47) per month for a pre 2 with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data on O2 U.K.
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    Thanks for the level headed review. Looks like I'll be getting the 7" Galaxy Tab as Bell Canada is offering them for $49.99 on a 3-yr contract and I'm stuck for 2 more years on my original Pre. I don't think the GT 10" is offered in Canada yet. Taking your comments about holding the iPad vs TP (iPad: you really need a case that has a built-in stand to use it) I think I'll find it my best option.

    Cheers, Ray
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    Hello fellow webOS enthusiasts. I must regretfully inform you that I have left the webOS camp for Android when I purchased the EVO 3D on June 27, 2011.

    I stuck with webOS for over two years (initial launch Pre still in my possession). Now, as much as I like Android, this blazingly fast phone and the cool apps in the market, nothing can quite replace the coolness of webOS.

    I come here to ask fellow webOS lovers what HP needs to do in two years to win back some of those folks (including me) who have jumped ship. Unlike others whose hatred steadily grew to the point of forever shunning the platform and vowing never to return, my outlook is not quite so bleak. I believe HP can carve out a niche and successful space for itself in the mobile smartphone world.

    What are your thoughts on what HP needs to do in two years? Better hardware and more apps would be my top recommendations. Neither aspect of the current generation of devices impresses me, plus I wanted to see what Android is all about. I have an iPod Touch, so I am familiar with iOS (and honestly, iOS is pretty "meh" compared to even Android now, let alone webOS). I have not experienced Windows Phone yet, and do not see Blackberry phones as suitable for me. HOWEVER, I DO SEE webOS as a possible alternative when my contract is up again in 2013.

    P.S. I use the two year timeframe because that's how long my contract is, lol. Also, the device needs to be on Sprint. Or, the carrier with the cheapest/best data plans. I'm all about saving money.
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    HP could try to do what Palm did so well so as to have people hooked on their Treos.

    Like having actual PIM functionality. I can't believe how incredibly bad webOS calendar and tasks suck compared to PalmOS from 2 and 3 YEARS ago. Still can't figure out how to make a recurring appointment/task that happens every Mon/Wed/Fri and have it remind me 20 minutes before.

    The PIM functionality of webOS is a joke if they are trying to target the enterprise. Might be good for a gradeschooler.

    Absolutely LOVE the Pre form factor. However a slightly bigger screen with some aluminum and rubber would go a LONG way towards enticing others that the vertical slider is good. Making a slab for those hooked on the Evo/iPhone form factor is a must.

    Battery life somewhere between where we are and iPhone/Blackberry would help retain future sales.

    Putting to use the technology of that 'instant boot' company they bought ...

    webOS is pretty damn awesome right now. I had to return an Epic4G to go back to a Pre because the Android experience was so bad. With a few of the above points addressed by HP, I never would have even been tempted to try Google's Handheld Advertisement Machine that can also make phone calls.
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    I'm with you. I'm outta here. I've got three months to go. I rode out the wave and got stranded on a desert island. I am so SICK of the word "potential" and the phrase "in the coming months." I was excited in early 2010 about the prospect of Flash coming to my phone. Still waiting. Then WebOS 2.0 coming to my phone. Still waiting. Then being told "we'll make it right" only to be offered a $50 rebate for a HP printer. (I know the rebate isn't for a printer but it might as well be cuz I don't need a printer or a tablet. I wish I had a phone with Flash and WebOS 2.0, how about $50 rebate for that?) On a side note I knew the "we'll make it right" deal was B.S. when they first announced it. If it would have been a good deal they would have told us what it was on the spot to calm down the people ****ed off that they weren't getting 2.0. Instead they let time cool people off. Their CEO doesn't know what he's talking about. Did anyone ever ask him what he was talking about when he said these new products will ship in weeks vice months? How can a CEO not know? I also think there are HP employees trolling this site. I remember when HP announced it wasn't pushing 2.0 to legacy devices. The boards went ape****. I went back to the boards after they announced the "make it right deal" cuz I wanted to vent but a majority was on HP's side. Anyone that said anything bad about the rebate got *****ed at. That was the final straw. I was a Sony fan boy. Finally dropped them a few years ago. I don't feel as bad now dropping Palm cuz I'm not. HP dropped Palm and I'm dropping HP. I go to the App Catalog every day hoping to find something. Nothing. I've bought so many crappy Apps just cuz I'm wishing to find something useful. I've got so many Apps that only do a fraction of what the same Apps do on other OS's. Just tired of it. Tired of paying $225 a month for 4 phones and two data plans and being told, "Just wait, someday the Apps will come. It has a lot of potential." Well, I'm paying $225 now and I want killer phones and killer Apps now. It's going to be a long three months.
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    I am bailing in Oct when my last new every 2 upgrade becomes available. I am going Android and will likely get the Droid 3 to replace my Pre Plus. WebOS is ok but app development is dead, the keyboard on my Pre Plus is a POS and since I am running legacy hardware with an unsupported OS (2.1) it is time for me to move on. I would have considered the Pre 3 but HPs weak "making things right" by giving $50 off a TouchPad that is likely to fail just doesn't cut it for me.

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