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    Alright guys, I just had it with the Palm/HP/Sprint/Pre3 misery and drama. They are leaving us Pixi owners out in the cold and we don't even know if the Pre3 will be on Sprint, even if Sprint decides to carry the Pre3 I don't really know if I will like it so I have decided to get the new Motorola XPRT running Android.

    It has been a helluva ride and I enjoyed every second of my WebOs phone but I feel like I need to move on since HP has done so by killing the Pixi form. I certainly hope HP will reconsider a successor of the Pixi in the future.

    Best of luck!
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    Ah yes.. thank you for making your first post to let us know you are leaving. You'll be missed

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    I did it. Optimus V on Virgin Mobile. So far, so good. The app store is so much more bountiful with apps that I want.
    Latitude! Google maps doesn't suck!
    Yelp doesn't suck!
    Wordfeud! Skype! Shazam! Flash!

    Swype is actually pretty nice. Going to take a while to get used to but I could see getting really fast at it. I like the slimness of the keyboard-less phone.

    The camera opens in under a second. Autofocus! Maps opens in under a second. Calendar is responsive. The phone app actually opens up quickly, I can actually answer calls again.

    The things I'll miss from WebOS - The tasks app, back/forward gestures, live card view, and the touchstone/exhibition mode.

    Sorry, HPalm & Sprint, its been a fun run but until you fix your problems I've got better ways to spend my time than waiting for maps, cameras, and dialers to open.

    Thanks very much to the WebOS Homebrew community for all of their hard work. The phone would have been intolerable if it weren't for you folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Ah yes.. thank you for making your first post to let us know you are leaving. You'll be missed

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    I'm a man of few words, just like George Washington

    Here is the thing: Palm is losing people by the second and with the Veer and Pre3 won't get a lot back, I was a Palm user since the 90's and off I go... I am somewhat heartbroken for Palm and what HP is planning to do.
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    Well, you can always sell it and grab the next webOS device once they ship something that appeals to you. I'm pretty thrilled with my Pre2 and that will hold me for quite a while.
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    Hi all, I am at the end of my contract and i have decided to go with a google phone and will hope to come back to the pre in 2 years when i hope the platform has become a bit more mature and developer friendly. Anyway, i have a question regarding my palm profile. If i disable my phone and use another, will my purchased apps and other things still be there? In other words, will my stuff be backed up and waiting for me when i come back???

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    Most likely, not that your stuff deserves to be backed up and ready for someone defecting to Skynet
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    My background is I was a major advocate for palm products going back some 10+ years. I owned all the phones that came out, even a launch day pre. I bragged about the operating system til I was blue in the face for a year and a half ... I still do! But at the end of the day, I just didn't have much confidence that webos could compete against the giants and I sadly jumped ship to an iphone. Since, I jumped over to the sister site TIPB and it quickly became apparent just how much more iphone, ipad and iOS are supported. By supported I mean by the market, by the company, by developers, etc. It is leaps and bounds better and stronger than the webos community, almost to points where I don't think webos could ever catch up no matter how good. I have been realizing this just through the sheer volume of published articles every day as compared to PreCentral with exciting news, new developments, etc etc. I could go on and on. Now living on the other side and having a direct comparison, it makes webos look quite pathetic. Now with the announcement of iOS 5, I really don't see webos ever having a chance. Everything that was great about webos with get absorbed and mirrored by the other operating systems thereby never giving webos a true competitive advantage. We are seeing this with developments that have come out and continue to come out in the iOS updates. The Pre 3 and Touchpad, when they do come out will already be obsolete and sad to say it, an epic fail. HP's lack of solid announcements, abysmal advertising, delayed launch and crappy delivery altogether is what is going to cause this. My prediction is webos is going to get scrapped in the next 12 months. In no way imaginable are they ever going to gain significant market share, not with apple at the helm!
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    Thanks for sharing.

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    I bought my Nexus S 4G on may 8th, 30 days is up. HP shows no signs of something coming to sprint. They lost a customer for at least a year till another upgrade is available. I'll play with the touchpad, but theres absolutely no reason for me to get one now. Ya snooze ya loose. I still like the webOS operating system. But with nothing to get with it on it. I'm left with no choice after 2 years.

    The Stock Android 2.3.4 is fast and full of apps and available features. Yeah some things are better on webOS. But i'm a techy at heart, it doesn't take but less then a hour with the device and I feel right at home. Too bad HP, all it would have taken was letting us know. I might have even switched carriers. But you choose to sit on your hands and play the silent game. It may not hurt you in the long run as you rebuild your market. But I suspect you don't even care about the little people anymore.
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    I have been a long time palm user. Just look at my sig.

    I just ordered The Evo 3D. Yeah I know, big, clunky, not true multi-tasking, poor battery life etc.

    But all of these things could not outweigh the short comings of my Pre Minus.

    1. Still no support from DTG after over 2 years.

    2. Still no Flash.

    3. No OS upgrade for the Minus

    4. Browser leaves a lot to be desired.

    5. IMHO the HP acquisition was not a positive, other than the fact that it made the big fish investors in Palm whole.

    6 Yeah I could hack my Minus with 2.0 or wait for the 3, but it will always be behind the curve.

    I may come back... We'll see.
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    Best Wishes and all that sort of stuff. You'll be back (or you won't)

    BTW to everyone, big announcement while we are all in an announcing mood:
    I'm having a Tuna Melt for lunch... maybe <grin>
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Hope your Tuna Melt is good.

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    Jumped the android gun today and got the HTC Inspire 4G. Thanks precentral for all the help, and i'll def be visiting this site, as i hope to buy a touchpad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by saleemyas3 View Post
    Jumped the android gun today and got the HTC Inspire 4G. Thanks precentral for all the help, and i'll def be visiting this site, as i hope to buy a touchpad!
    Thanks saleemyas3 - enjoy your device and remember to check out our other site:

    You're welcome back anytime!
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    Here's my story. I'm on verizon. I was due to upgrade from a family passed down blackberry (yikes). I decided to go for a webos phone. I LOVED it at first. hen I got my iPod touch, and realized I'm better suited with iOS. So I'm taking my upgrade and buyin a white iPhone 4. Post a reply with your stories like this.

    Bye Palm Pre
    (hello iPhone)
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    I have been a Sprint Pre day one user, and a member of this site for almost two years. I have been through all the ups and downs with everyone else here. So it pains me to say that I have gotten an Android phone and will no longer be an active member of this site. I will be keeping my account in hope that HP will be doing some interesting things with webOS and hopefully I will be able to jump on the webOS bandwagon again soon. But I am a loyal Sprint customer who needs more out of his phone right now. I want to thank all the loyal member of this website for all their hard work and commitment this site and webOS. This is truly one of the best communities be a part of on the entire internet. I hope that the webOS community continues to grow, and hopefully one day finds itself swinging with Android and iOS like it should be! I wish the best for all of you, and I hope our paths will cross again soon!

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    Do what you have to do Mike - it a phone and we all go through multiples in our lives. Come back anytime - you always welcome! And whatever platform you end up on in the near future, make sure you check out our sister sites (AndroidCentral, TiPb, etc...).

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