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    AndroidCentral is our sister-site and signing up over there isn't like you can only be signed up on one OS website at a time. I've had an account over there for a long time, and it is a great place for news.

    HP has new hardware coming out in multiple form factors... they are putting webOS on every computer they ship (millions) and are hinting at a huge ad blitz when the TouchPad and Pre3 are officially released. But if you don't see the value in the potential market growth and app sales when that happens...

    Joining A|C is no big deal you are more than welcome on both (or any SE) site.
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    that I have been forced to make the jump to an Android phone. I completely killed my Pre- yesterday trying to replace a cracked screen. I was very nervous about the surgery knowing that if I messed it up, I would likely be doomed in finding myself a replacement. So the surgery was done (as the crack from my USB door had spread far enough into the screen to where it was affecting the image and touch sensitivity). The end result is a shiny new screen, but no touch input at all! Also the microphone no longer worked. I tried reversing the process and installing the old screen in hopes to limp along a bit longer, but alas I had the same problems. So my little Pre that could....could not any more.

    I went to my local Sprint store and begged and pleaded for them to sell me a refurb Pre to replace my bricked one, and was told that there was none to be had and they would have to order a replacement (at a hefty cost). So, since I have been due the upgrade for a while, I ended up biting the bullet. I could not wait for a phone, as this is my primary work phone. So I am now the not so proud owner of the new Nexus S 4G.

    I have only had the phone for a day, and I am already missing my Pre terribly. It is not that the Nexus is a bad phone, in fact hardware wise it is a fabulous phone. Apps that took 15 seconds to load on my Pre (like Pandora and Navigation) take just a second or two to launch. The camera is awesome, and the huge amount of apps is a boon. (Yay Citrix Reciever! Audible!) But Android lacks the usability of WebOS...I find myself getting hung up on the simplest of tasks, and miss true multitasking the most. But it is also the other things we all have discussed before that make WebOS shine....the notifications (no way to dismiss just one notification? Really?), the swipe to delete (for the past 24 hours I have tried to remove stuff from various locations, and just want to throw it away! But it, select a menu, delete, confirm...sigh...). It is a fast phone, but since everything seems to take me three times as long to do, I was so much more efficient on my Pre that the slowness was not an issue.

    I know that a lot of it is just me having to get used to a new OS...but the Pre was so intuitive that I was flying around in minutes. I am still unsure of how to do the most basic of tasks on my Nexus...too much is hidden or hard to find.

    So while I have moved to the Android camp for the time being...I will still be lurking here for the foreseable future. I have every intention of returning to the WebOS fold as soon as Sprint offers something WebOSey. I will just have to wait until my wife is eligible for an upgrade and convince her to take my Nexus off my hands....
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    Sorry to hear your Pre trouble... there are devices you can purchase in our Marketplace thread, or on eBay. But it's only a phone and more are on the way. Trying out other waters is always a good thing as it will give you a perspective on what you really like. You can always go back to webOS in the future, and you're always welcome here at P|C.
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    Yeah...I hated to see my Pre be put out to pasture. I was hoping I would be able to hold out for the Pre3. I would have liked to have been able to have the time to find a used Pre to replace mine, but I needed a phone that day. So it was take the upgrade or nothing. Like I soon as Sprint offers another WebOS device, I will be back. Perhaps a tablet this time around?
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    Are you eligible to return the phone in 30 days? If so, you may be still have hope. Had I been in your position, I would have gotten one off eBay for cheap and used it until I knew the answer. Being on VZW I know the phone is coming, and I have been also eyeballing the Pre 2 (fantastic price for better hardware). I don't envy you Spring guys because you just don't yet know if webOS will be in Sprint's future.

    I can't stand all the effort it takes to use OS's like Android in iOS. They take too many steps to do things, and, quite frankly, I don't find them to be intuitive. They do have fantastic hardware though, I'll give 'em that.
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    I miss my pre, I have the evo with the otterbox defender case and it's a tank, it looks like I'm packing a weapon on me and not to mention I'm black that's not a good thing lol.

    I want to go back to webos but not the OG pre so I'm thinking of joining verizon and seeing about the pre3 but no navi is gonna hurt me.

    I really miss the pre, the size and the portability with the card switching is great, I just wish I can get it a little cheaper than 80 bucks a month.
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    After months of waiting on some sort of new phone announcement from HP and Sprint, I finally caved tonight and replaced my overclocked Pre Minus with a free Epic from Best Buy.

    The Pre's been a great phone and the community is fantastic, but it's tough to imagine how HP could have made a bigger mess of this new rollout or hosing the original phone buyers and app developers.

    I'll take a look at the tablet if and when we ever get some sort of date as to when it might be available. But honestly, it's become apparent in just a couple of hours that HP will never catch up with Android on the apps side.

    Goodbye all and I wish WebOS well, but I think the HP party was over before it started.
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    good luck... but you will be back
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    you went for an epic. so many new phones coming soon that are so much better. really should have waited.
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    But, you can always wait for newer/better. There comes a point where you just can't wait any more.

    OP : Good luck
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    Have been a Palmee since Palm III -Waited breathlessly for my Pre because HP/Palm promised it would be upgraded to WebOS2. AND because of the great reviews for "Classic" which would allow me to keep using my palmOs apps.

    Finally got my Pre - No upgrade - no Classic - no sync - Have asked ATT to take it back.
    Nice hardware but doesn't fulfill its promises.

    Will miss my Palm -
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    I have seen a lot of folk recently move from the Pre minus to the Nexus S 4G. I know personally it has become almost an obsession to find hacks or tweaks that make my Nexus S more Pre-like...

    There is a lot to love about the Nexus...especially the apps. But it amazes me how dead simple some things are on WebOS that seem such a chore on other phones.

    Still have my hopes up that Sprint will carry the Pre3 and I can offer the Nexus S to the missus....
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    to not switch to an LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile? $150 for the phone, $40/mo for the plan that would fit my needs. No contract, no activation fees, no stupid BS that other carriers charge.

    I'm getting really tired of poor app support on WebOS and unfortunately I don't see that changing anytime soon. The Pre3 is taking forever to get out.

    My most frequently used apps on the Pre are poorly done:
    Google Maps (everybody knows its terrible on WebOS)
    Yelp (3 stars on WebOS - they failed)
    Phone (my phone rarely answers calls. Incoming calls get delayed, making a phone call takes forever. Send/End button is slow to respond)

    Apps I would really like:
    Chase Banking
    Car2Go Car Finder
    Something better than SmartRunner

    I played with an Optimus S - it feels way snappier than the Pre and is a mid-range Android phone. This is starting to feel like a no brainer.

    What I'd miss:
    Gestures, swishing cards off the screen, live view, better backup than android, the awesome SqueezeCenter app, Music Remix, the mirror on the back, physical keyboard(maybe), easy mods
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    Ended up with an evo. Its not that bad, its huge but I'm getting good battery life and its handling more of the features that I wanted from my phone like an AF camera. Android is frustrating to learn unlike web os though. whats all this tap and hold for 1 second crap, deleting 5 emails shouldn't take me 15 seconds!

    on the other hand being able to enjoy a compass for my camping trip last few days and be able to take some good pics that are at least high res even if its through a scratched up lens makes up for the learning wall. also considering I got the evo for 100 bucks including the otter box I'm quite happy.

    Reasons left: no new hardware for sprint meant that my slowly(keyboard stopped working) failing pre was it, after that I would have to get an android phone to learn as swapping carriers wasn't an option. And i had just bought the broken evo and put a screen in it to resell on ebay when the keyboard gave out, I needed a phone that night so evo trial by fire!

    What I miss: fluidity. Android even with htc's beautiful ui still feels clunky and hard to navigate compared to web os's transparency with open apps and menus.
    Life moves fast, don't miss a thing
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    I have had my Sprint Pre minus since launch. It is hanging on by a thread. Still no carrier announcements for Pre 3. "Coming months" is killing me. I am so close to getting a Nexus S 4g on Sprint. Now that I am so entrenched in the Google ecosystem, the Nexus looks just great. My patience has been tried for too long. Curious about other Webos faithfull who finally said, "bye HP Palm, you had your chance"
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    just remember that if u are also into facebook, android and facebook no longer communicate.. so u will have to rely on third party
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    You had your chance to frankenpre a Pre 2.!

    You didn't have to wait. Either you love WebOS and it's worth the wait, or it isn't. To a lot of people, it is. To others it isn't. From what I've read a lot of people jumped ship only to find that they missed WebOS so much and couldn't stand Android or iOS any longer. Others don't really care what phone OS they use.

    To each his own, I guess.
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    Yeah, will miss the FB profile pics. Google Music Beta should be sweet on the Nexus. Voice dialing! Voice texting! NFC ! Google FTW. Small candle will burn in my heart for Webos. Bye empty promises!! (edit) so a little harsh, it's just a phone after all.
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    if some of you are tired of waiting... why not try out some different phones? android and wp7 come to mind.

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