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    Not a good salesman than

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    well hopefully hp gets more devolopers to come to (or back to) webos. as someone whos played with most, not wm7, of the mobile oses out there, i find webos to be superior. just lacking overall polish; number of bugs; and app count. but i do not think app count makes an os and people are limiting themselves by not trying it out.
    samsung i730 - blackberry storm- palm pre plus - samsung omnia - palm pre plus - palm pre 2 - ????

    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.
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    HP need to do something like the "Android Developer Challenge"

    Android Developer Challenge
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    It's funny how whenever someone wants a Pre 2, they can't find a VZW store that stocks them, and when there's a VZW store that stocks them, they can't find anyone to sell to.

    Also, the only way you're gonna get a Pre 2 for under $100 off-contract any time soon is if you're a developer.
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    So just a background, I've been a faithful pre user since launch. Just check my posts if you don't believe me. And I'm still happy with my palm pre, dont get me wrong about that. But, palm/hp is falling on the short end of the stick, and it's finally affecting me and I will have to switch phones when my contract is up.

    Working in healthcare, I NEED epocrates on my phone. with epocrates taking support away from palm, it makes upgrading to a palm 3 very difficult. Add in the fact that palm doesn't get much new apps, then switching to android seems very tempting.

    Take for example the ncaa tournament. All my coworkers are streaming games live on their cell phone because they have android/iphone. Well, my palm cant do that because I don't have the app for it.

    Another example, I love euchre. My phone doesn't have a euchre app but android/iphone has a nice euchre app. So what gives?

    I spoke with a developer friend who makes applications for phones. He told me that his company doesn't develop for palm because there is not as much users as there are iphone/android/blackberry/windows. So if even he, a small developer, not going ot develop for palm, then who will?

    So will I miss the pre, you bet! I don't want to make the switch. And I really hope that between now and july, something happens to hp/palm where 10,000 apps are ported over. But realistically speaking, palm is going to lose a loyal user to android because of, what i think are, easily preventable reasons.

    For what it's worth, the person i feel is the most to blame for all this is creepy palm pre lady. (if you take the assumption that the poor advertising in the beginning caused the low user base and low app development.
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    I use evos all the time. Every time I hold one I kinda wanna laugh. Big screen is good though, but it's like I would need a normal phone also if I had one of those things.
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    I've certainly never seen this post before!
    I'm glad you're happy with your new phone though. Sigh
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    While I tried to stick it out, my Pre just seemed to be getting worse and worse. I even went to the point of using the Doctor on it to see if a fresh install did anything for it ... NOPE !

    I was getting to the point I couldn't pick up a call before it went to voice jail. The screen lock would not unlock in time, the phone was un-responsive, and in general the phone seemed to be less active if you know what I mean ...

    I have gone to Android, got a new Atrix, paid through the nose for it .. and it has everything on it that WebOS 2.X/3.X (yeah I know there is no 3 yet!) doesn't !! Dang thing nearly thinks for me .... Palm/HP sorry but you need to do better! I do miss my Pre some what but with each new thing I find in Android, the feeling is getting less and less!
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    I too have dumped my Pre - for a new faster phone that runs great... Won't be looking back!

    BTW, the new phone is a Pre 2!

    Thank you for signing up to say good bye!
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    ᛖᚲ ᚹᛁᛏᚲᛁ ᚱᛁᛊᛏ ᚱᚢᚾᚠᚱ
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    And be sure to visit our sister site to chat with friendly members who would love to answer your questions about your new phone

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    Back when the Palm Pre initially came out for Sprint, I was quick to get it within the first few months of the release (I owned a Palm Centro before the Pre, so I was a fan of what Palm was making). My first Pre was amazing, I was basically able to organize every aspect of my life using it. After about a year and a half of owning it, in October 2010, the power button on my Pre got stuck because some piece of plastic underneath the button had broken. Although this was annoying, I had had my phone for a while, so something was sure to break at some point.

    This was the start of my issues... Since October 2010, I am currently on my 10th Palm Pre. My refurbished Pres have had so many issues that the people at the local Sprint repair shop have my number memorized to the point that I don't even need to say it anymore when I come in. I absolutely love the Palm OS, but the hardware that puts the Pre together is absolute crap.

    Without any water or physical damage to my devices, the issues that have ailed my refurbished Pres since the initial power button breaking have been:
    (4) Earpiece Failures (Not the headphone stuck issue, because that can easily be resolved. The earpiece completely died to the point of not even being able to hear the person on the other end of the call)
    (3) Keyboard Failures (Have lost the w,r,t,u,o buttons once as well as the function,x,v,n,comma buttons twice)
    (1) Odd Occasion of the screws that hold the screen in place falling out as I slid up the phone, making the touchscreen significantly twist away from the keyboard

    I'm sure in no time I will be adding another issue to the list once my 10th phone mysteriously quits working one of these days.

    I am not up for a full upgrade until August, so I am going to continue to stick it out until then. The Sprint repair shop has given me the option to trade in my Pre for no charge to get another phone, but the only options they have given me are the HTC Hero (crap), the Blackberry Tour (I despise blackberry phones, especially those without touchscreens), or the Palm Pixi (a step back from the Pre). Numerous times I have told them the only way I will trade in my Pre for a phone would be for either an EVO or EVO Shift, and they have continued to decline my offer.

    It is sad when the hardware on the refurbs are so bad that I literally have to make bi-monthly trips to the repair store to get them fixed. And as is the case with just about everyone I have heard, the actual Sprint Corporate store in town was completely useless, claiming that they "do not have the authority to make any sort of trade ins," and that they "can only sell me a phone at full price if that is what I would like to do."

    That being said, although I LOVE Palm OS, come August, I may be rethinking what phone I will be upgrading to.
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    Come August, there might be a chance that the Pre 3 could land on Sprint. I sure hope they get it right with the Pre 3, although hardware-wise the Pre 2 is looking much more reliable than the Pre-, so hopefully they don't take a step backwards on the Pre 3.

    If, in the meantime, you have the opportunity to get a Pre 2 cheap, I would recommend getting one and swapping comm boards with your Pre-. This would allow the Pre 2 to run on Sprint, and greatly improve your webOS experience. I'm loving my Sprint Pre 2.
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    That's crazy that you've had that many replacements. I've had my same Pre minus since Oct 09 and the only issue I had was with the power button.

    I decided to do a com board swap with the Pre 2 about two weeks ago, & have been enjoying it. If you can get your hands on a Pre 2, franken pre it. You won't regret it.

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    I am a collegiate student athlete, so I'm not sure I want to spend the little free time I have figuring out where to get the Pre 2 and how to switch the com boards. Right now I'm just hoping to get lucky on a Pre- refurb (which obviously has not been the case) and hold out until the end of summer.
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    get yourself a cheap verizon plus off ebay, bad est or not, and make yourself a sprint plus. If you want it done, I'll take care of it in a day for shipping plus $t for a pint. Converting my 10th for preecentral users tonight. $50-$100 for a new phone that will last until whenever you want to upgrade.
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    I believe it my wife is on her 8th Pre, I'm on my second one, but I'm probably going to go with the Evo 3D when it comes out. I'm tired of coming months or coming weeks and when it comes out the hardware is ok, but I'm looking for WOW!
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    WELL since the acquisition of PALM, Hp has been making leaps and strides with their newer devices, ie the hp veer, pre3 and touchpad, while leaving us original pre PLUS and minus users in the dust.. palm has done things like this before, but not to the extent of hp... we were told by HP that they would NOT be phasing out the palm name/logo, and palm would be a new device under their umbrella...but where has it gone now?!?!? palm does this AMAZING THING (creating webos) and all but exhausted all their resources and were staring at a loaded gun... HP TO THE RESCUE!! took their hard work, rebranded it, and made it look like hp did all the work....
    Us pre minus users are left behind as hp zooms forwards with our sluggish (by today's standards) and still have a year or 2 on our contracts, and alot of us cant afford to shell out the cash for a new phone... we were promised (unofficially) flash with 1.4.5 and never saw it... just a few notices from adobe... "we are currently working with palm to blah blah blah" and "adobe flash will be available in the first half of 2010" more lies... flash was then slated for webos 2.0... this took months to hear anything of for a release date. FINALLY with the surprise release of the PRE 2 came webos 2.0, which was spoken to have been released onto the pre minus and plus BEFORE they pushed the new device enabling us to use flash content and a rich browsing experience, seen on NUMEROUS beta videos all over youtube and the net.... so we are then told webos will be released for older palm devices "in the coming months" 3 months later they pulled the plug on releasing the now webos 2.1 to older less capable devices, after they had showed how smoothly it had run in beta phase on the original pre plus/minus. So here i sit with my ever dating device being told i have a treat in store for myself, as well as many other original pre/pixi users, (I haven't forgotten about u guys :P) i wonder what it will be? a trade in for a new device, not likely, flash, hopeful, but apprehensive at the same time... with the upcoming push of webos3.0 i'm sure hp will continue to do great things, but after this theyve REALLY gotta make up for their blunder.... as it stands now i will not be along for the ride
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    I'm not really sure the point of the post.. I understand youre frustrated , however the pret and veer havent been released yet for hp to make good on their promise to fix things

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