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    Just saw a scrawl across the TV while watching the weather.
    Best performer on NY stock exchange for 2010 was Caterpillar. Worst performer for 2010 was Hewlett Packard. I believe it said down 18%.
    I will be buying my first smart phone and was planning on a Palm device.
    Because there is still no idea what kind of deal the Pre2 will be at Verizon I am waiting to see if anything else pops up at HP/Palm.
    As I wait I can't help but wonder how much HP's 2010 performance will effect product development decisions. What products within HP will have priority in regards to development.
    Thoughts and comments?
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." - Thoreau
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    most of HP's stock decline came when their CEO left under a cloud of Landel. Other than that, they have performed well if you look at their financial.

    2011 should be a great year for palm, but it will take the first 6 months to get stuff shipping and enough of their road map executed to satisfy the skeptics.

    the challenge now is what it was since they got smothered by blackberry. The market players are moving so fast that they deliver palm's vision before palm does.

    palm seems to always have vision out in apply territory, but apple delivers quickly and predictably. Palm has always had trouble keeping up because they were small. The challenge is to take HP's checkbook and translate that into executing ahead of the market. I think they can, but the competition isn't sitting still. So palm is trying to invent and install new engines on an airplane while it is flying at mach-1.
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    Performance on stock markets has nothing to do with real performance, just as the PRICE of a commodity has nothing to do with its WORTH. We said goodbye to thinking in these terms when we embraced supply and demand as a supreme deity.

    HP's poor performance in the stock market is a function of their decisions in 2010 - buying Palm and spending an inordinate amount of money on cloud service providers. And getting a new CEO in the boat. If market analysts can't see the reason for something - and analysts absolutely HATE change - they bump the stock down, and people follow. Simple as that. In the absence of anybody who knows everything about everything, people will follow market analysts, aka those who pretend to know a lot about a lot of things. This means that they can absolutely shape social reality - if they say something about something, that becomes social reality because, "who are you to say any different?". The same mechanism causes market bubbles. It's an inherent flaw in the system which almost everybody is absolutely keen to overlook or pretend it's not there because they're too much in love with the system. [/rant]

    As for what products have priority at HP, ask HP because nobody else knows... and the market analysts know least of all. The thing is that HP's stock lost value BECAUSE of the strategic decisions they have made in the last year, so it's unlikely - to me at least - that they will abandon their strategy because the stock lost value.

    With all that said, HP have mentioned that they are looking to release a new phone every other month in 2011, and, as the canboy I am, I tend to believe them. If only because billions are rather a lot to spend on an OS you intend to kill, especially if that OS wasn't competing with you in the first place.

    The Palm Mantra right now is: "Wait a couple of months", so if you like webOS and can wait for better hardware, do it. If not, there's a bunch of really awesome Android phones out at the moment that can probably do all that you want them to do, but not as intuitively or nicely.
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    Cantaffordit & GodShapedHole,
    Thanks for the analysis. I'll be patient for something special to arrive for my first smart phone.
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." - Thoreau

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