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    I'm sure NASA will be needing a bunch of smart phones, so this should get Ruby working faster...
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    Nice win for HP!

    NASA has picked HP to procure and manage its PC hardware, software, mobile services, and other infrastructure critical to agency activities in a $2.5 billion outsourcing contract.

    The space agency awarded Herndon, Va.-based HP Enterprise Services the firm-fixed-price, indefinite delivery/indefinite quality contract on Dec. 27. HP Enterprise Services previously was systems integrator EDS, which HP purchased in May 2008.

    Officially, the HP contract is for what NASA calls Agency Consolidated End-user Services (ACES), the IT infrastructure and services that support the activities of NASA personnel.

    Specifically, HP will procure, manage, secure, and maintain the essential infrastructure for the business, scientific, research, and computational activities of NASA personnel, according to the space agency.

    HP beat out a significant incumbent competitor, Lockheed Martin, for the deal. HP has been working to expand its services business through the EDS deal and other strategic purchases over the last few years, and the NASA deal bolsters that plan.

    NASA will manage the contract at its NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) in Mississippi. The NSSC is a partnership between NASA, Computer Sciences Corp., and the states of Mississippi and Louisiana, and performs business activities for all of NASA's 10 centers.
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    Good job HP! That's a good start in ofsetting all that $$$ they spent this year
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    Yeah! Excellent use of taxpayer dollars! :­DDD
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    NASA has picked HP to procure and manage its PC hardware, software, mobile services, and other infrastructure critical to agency activities in a $2.5 billion outsourcing contract.
    Nice win for HP!
    As much as I like good news about HP and Palm, don't read too much into the "mobile services" portion.

    I work for a government contractor. Although the company I work for is consulted, sometimes (I might even say usually); the government makes the decision on hardware, software, OSs, phones & phone systems, etc. It's then the services contractor's job to implement the systems and maintain them.

    In short, HP will probably have input to NASA about what they should do, don't interpret this as a slam-dunk for putting Palm devices in their hands.

    Of course, having HP in this position won't hurt either.
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    The portion of HP that won this contract is the former EDS that HP acquired last year. I hope NASA has better luck with their services than the US Navy did (HP Holds Navy Network Hostage). EDS' record contracting with the government of Great Britain is not so good either. HP has a lot of work ahead of them improving on EDS' bad rep in the industry. Maybe they've made progress since Mark Hurd cut EDS employee salaries by almost 50% last year ... or it brought in a whole new batch of low wage, poorly qualified employees. Of course, NASA has always been known as a lowest-bidder awarding organization.
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    Zero G webOS phones? Is HP more than just a phone company? Don't know if this belongs on the Pre Forums, but it has to do w/HP getting a $2.5B contract from NASA. More money to spend on Palm.

    NASA Signs $2.5B Contract With HP
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    Well, I just hope when we are sending a Rocket in space, we don't get a 'Too Many Cards' error!!
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    Government agency awards low-bidder contract! News at 11:00!

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