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    Since Hpalm didnt give us a new phone for Christmas it would have been nice if they could have at least given us a present of information about their up coming phones.

    any little tid bit for the stocking. no we know how Tiny Tim felt but even he got something.

    thanks Hpal scrooge, thanks for nothin
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    With CES right around the corner, you should never expect such announcements around the end of year holidays.

    Most are even doubting they will announce anything at CES.
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    exactly, then give us a few crumbs from the cookies we leave out
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    It doesnt matter if they dont announce something at CES. They will announce it in some way or another and the press will eat it up. HP has clout.

    Would you rather HP announce something now, reveal all their sweet ideas before they are ready and then have Apple and Google just steal their ideas anyways??

    Then have the HP devices bomb because people will go to Android and iOS because they offer the same features anyway in an update? Thus killing off webOS and forcing you to get an Android phone when HP drops Palm due to low adoption?

    This is what happened with Synergy and Universal Search with the original Pre... by the time it was out in June, the competitors already had copied these feature.

    Palm has learned its lesson, they arent saying a peep until these devices are able to be in the hands of the consumers.

    IP is way too important these days, feel good that Palm and HP are doing the right thing this time around.

    Generally when people are very quiet about their plans its because they are going to be revolutionary and innovative. So let this silence be a sign of great things to come.
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    Hope you are right, after all I'd like to stick with WebOS. However the more innovation there is the better ALL platforms will be, since you said copying is what all of them do. Would you suggest that HP should license WebOS and have many hardware makers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjaakb View Post
    Hope you are right, after all I'd like to stick with WebOS. However the more innovation there is the better ALL platforms will be, since you said copying is what all of them do. Would you suggest that HP should license WebOS and have many hardware makers?
    they won't need this as HP itself makes most of the hardware on earth.

    They can leverage webOS for their own, no need of licensing. Just push webOS out of their existing channels, especially to enterprises. Will work, I'm sure.
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    im on my 6th pre, and i wont be leaving webos ANYTIME soon, and will wait it out for as long as it takes to get a new device. there will never be another os(IMO) that will ever compete with webos. ill wait to CES/after ces/whenever to see the next hardware because something everyone knos, devices ARE coming, and i personally am super excited to see whats cookin at hp.
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    Hang in there! I'm sure your perseverance will be rewarded! We only have a little over a week to wait for the first shoe to drop. Then we will have to wait for all the other shoes (Devices) to drop later in 2011.

    I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of my Pre Plus and have over a year to go on my contract so I have plenty of time to wait for the new webOS devices.

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    i would rather them announce it now, announce something because i am not going to buy an iPhone or a Droid
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    ha! Not-yet-pre is now the most fascinating man in the world!

    keep us thirsty!
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    Does anyone here even like Hp? I had there dv2000 and it's the worst laptop I have ever owned.

    The new envy line is supposed to be good but my experience with anything besides printers is not great.
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    Their low-end consumer laptops aren't great in themselves but their enterprise level stuff (laptops anyway) are not too bad. I haven't used any of their servers lately. Every place that I've worked at recently seems to run Linux on SuperMicro blades (to get "good enough" and still "cheap enough"). Back in the 90's their HP-UX servers were good but not as cheap as similar Sun boxes.
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    We just got an HP netbook at work and I love it. We only use it to be able to access our network files while in a meeting, and for that it works fine.
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    just like rmausser said, I think the reason they are being quiet is because they are building something big and beautiful. The logic makes sense, while a good number of us are devoted to webos, those outside of the PC community may not be and therefore willing to get Android or iPhone the minute their contract is up. And with them knowing that the next big thing will likely be on all of the devices, they will probably be using "critical" thinking. I mean come on, if you were a general public person and you see that big great features are on all the platforms then why wouldn't you pick the always popular iphone or the the trend Android?

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