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    Ok so I setup an Ipad and Ipod Touch for someone and I have to say, I do like the form factors, but ugh... why oh why do people like the interface of those devices is beyond me... and the "Multitasking" really sucks!

    Well anyway I was going through the setup and downloading apps so I decided to ask... once the palmpad comes out... what apps would you like to see on it? I know of one that I definitely want to see... For me:

    FlipBoard, that thing is amazing!
    Of Course the Nook and Kindle apps
    Video Editing software
    Some Word Editing software would be nice
    Oh and also I would like to see so "PaintBoard" type application

    And for just regular Pre.... oh where oh where is Audible and Shazam

    What do you want to see on the PalmPad? I am so impatiently waiting for it ;-) Can't wait to see it with WebOS
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    I want a netflix app and hulu app. Also give it a video chat app that is compatible with facetime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendu View Post
    Also give it a video chat app that is compatible with facetime.
    not if Apple has anything to say about it.
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    Netflix, killer Email, Scrabble with the option to play all other OS's online, Microsoft Office or something else to edit these types of files, Chrome....AND iTunes interface LOL
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    Any app on this site: Pro Music Apps
    Tom Tom
    RSA SecurID
    CHM Viewer
    GoodReader - (PDF, Word Excel, PPT etc)
    Google Earth
    Bing (New Map function is awesome, the only reason I mention it)
    Alternate Tab browser simalar to iCab
    The Weather Channel
    Chase Mobile
    Bank Of America
    ABC News
    NY Times
    TV Guide
    Optimum (control DVR)
    Verizon (Control DVR)
    RSS Reader (mulitple choices)
    VNC and RDP remote apps
    HTPC control software
    Net Utils
    Compass Apps
    Measuring Apps
    Adobe Ideas
    Adobe Connect
    An all inclusive Delivery app
    Flight tracking
    Navagation aps
    Stores, like the new Amazon on iPad
    Home Depot
    Best Buy
    Big name games
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ForTheRoad View Post
    AND iTunes interface LOL
    not that but a MUCH better audio player than the stock webOS music player for certain.
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    I like sinsin's list, plus Evernote. Of course, the apps should be scaled to the larger resolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendu View Post
    I want a netflix app and hulu app. Also give it a video chat app that is compatible with facetime.
    Amen! I think it's dumb that you can only video chat with ppl with the same phone/OS as you. I mean, how annoying would it be if I could only call Samsung's?

    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    not if Apple has anything to say about it.
    Apple does have something to say about it. And it's entirely possible, but HP would have to pay a fee to do so. I don't know if that would work well.

    I would like to see video app's and games. Like netflix and hulu plus. I would also like to see a bunch of useless apps that no one will ever use. Oh wait, if I wanted that I'd buy an iPhone LOL jk jk. But seriously, I would. I like to download free apps on my iPod to see if I will like them or not.

    Plus DirecTV apps would make my life easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    Hp would have a hard time selling a pad in the current state of webos. Developers aren't flocking to webos instead they are fleeing and that's not going to change overnight.
    They are fleeing because of a lack of new devices that will actually sell (aka not the Pre 2)

    Once awesome devices are announced with the even more awesome Enyo framework I think developers will be more willing to place their bets that by being early adopters to the Tablet they will secure sales throughout its (hopeful) eventual success.

    Writing an app for a new (well to tablets) platform is like placing a bet, you want to be there first, but you arent entirely certian of the platforms success.
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    apps from major vendors
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    iPad app emulator otherwise I would have wasted a few hundred dollars on iPad apps
    And also Rollercoaster Ty**** would be amazing (anybody remember that)
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    To video call on 3G between iOS / BB and Android, there are Tango, Knocking Vid, Yahoo and Fring and hopefully wOS in the future.

    Apple made comments about opening up Facetime, they claim it use standard protocols, but a website analyzed the packets, and there are some none standard ports used. However, the ports should not be an issue, lets see if Apple keeps their word.
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    A comic book (CBR/CBZ) reader and nook apps
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    An app that releases a current generation smartphone with webOS on Sprint
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    I would love to see apps that allow you to play boardgames (ticket to ride, settlers of catan, etc...) against friends. I think that the size of the tablets coming out (10") would be the perfect size.
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    I would pay for the following apps on a PalmPad:
    - Text Editor
    - Outliner
    - Spreadsheet
    - Terminal
    - Project Planner (MS Project compatible)
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Sorry, but I haven't seen any apps on this thread that I would definitely expect to be available for the PalmPad on launch. There certainly is some curiosity among the tech press about what webOS will look like on a tablet. However, curiosity is a far cry from allocating the resources required to support a unique tablet platform.

    Let's be generous and assume that interest in developing for the PalmPad at launch will be the same as the interest in developing for the iPad at its launch this past Spring. The iPhone probably had around 100,000 apps when the iPad launched with 5000 custom apps. That's a 20:1 ratio. If webOS can muster, say, 7000 apps when the PalmPad launches then we would expect 350 custom PalmPad apps.

    My guess is that this calculation overestimates the interest among developers in the webOS tablets and that PalmPad users are going to have to be content with running oversize apps designed for the Pre for a while. In order to think otherwise, you would have to believe that the PalmPad will be more popular among Pre/Pixi users than the iPad was among iPhone users. Or, you have to assume that the PalmPad will have some other driver of popularity among the non-webOS-using public which the iPad didn't have.

    Finally, it's possible that HP will pay developers to port their apps but that would probably apply to on a dozen or so developers of the most popular apps like Pandora, etc.
    I took from the OP's initial comments is what we would like to see, not what will the ipad launch with. I base that on this comment from the OP: What do you want to see on the PalmPad?
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    Let's not forget the ability to print.
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