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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1 View Post
    Still haven't figured out to close an app
    You don't explicitly close apps, the system closes down programs that haven't been used in a while once resources get tight. Sorta like... well, sorta like Android, I suppose The idea is that programs were supposed to launch almost instantly and should remember their state, so it shouldn't matter too much if they were closed along the way.

    You've probably discovered that the CF slot is located under the battery so while it was intended to be used to expand internal storage, it's supposed to be semi-permanent, and not something you'd swap in and out on the fly.
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    How do you guys get foleos? BTW palm was right to cancel it. It was too expensive and no one was going to buy it. What was it going to be like $600? Everyone knew you could get a netbook with more functionality for $300. Perhaps if they sold it for $200 it would have sold well.
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    i was a beta tester (hopefully the NDA is null and void otherwise expect a nastygram from lawyers). the Foleo rocked and really the two killers for it, aside from Palm turmoil, were the price and the required integration/dependency on the phone.

    at the time of beta testing i remember seeing for the first time the ausus ee. something with a similar form factor but about half the price. i remember some of the beta test forums had universal agreement that they would buy the product for around 200-250 but the anticipated 600 would have been a killer.

    The other challenge was the dependency on the phone. While it was great to have a larger form factor than my treo to do some work on, the reliance on the synching instead of direct updates was a challenge. I think that was part of the motivation of synergy in being able to take advantage of the cloud rather than depend on a single device.

    If i recall the timing, the iphone was launched around the same time as well and the move to more touch and sleek ui started to creep in.

    I loved the device. As a consultant it was great to take this little guy to meetings for note taking, running presentations, and the daily admin type tasks. The instant on and connectivity rocked.

    I look at my netbook all the time and think what could have been. Having seen the mockups in the now falsified HP webOS slate there is a lot of potential.

    Enjoy your new toy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanG View Post
    I've seen the Foleo do things that it wasn't suppose to do, like play full screen video. That software was beta and not in the 1.0 release of the Foleo OS.

    As far as I know, NormSoft never released/posted a link to pTunes for Foleo. I don't have a copy of it either.

    The Foleo OS is from 2007, so I don't think it has the SDHC driver, just the standard SD driver.

    The Foleo was beta tested with the Treo 750 (Windows Mobile 5.0) and the Treo 755p. I don't recall any official testing against the Centro. Since the Centro runs the same software that is in the 755p, it should work. You need to have VersaMail 4.0 that was intended for use with the Foleo to make the sync work. Email sync will also only be useful if the Centro/Treo has an Internet connection. The Centro has the version of VersaMail 4.0 that was going to be released along side the Foleo minus the Palm OS/Foleo OS Bluetooth driver.

    Alan G
    Hmmm. Centro doesn't even see it on bluetooth, so I don't think it has anything to do with VersaMail. But as you point out, unless I have my Centro working on a network, the email on the Foleo is useless. But it would be fun to see.

    Still no luck with audio, yet some websites with small mp3 files work... Hmm.

    It can't see my SDHD cards, but the regular ones work (at least up to 2GB, probably 4?).

    I downloaded a 1.6 Java JRE, and am going to try to see if that works in the terminal.

    Hmm, just found a directory called TestPackages, that contains a bunch of hxp files (Foleo install files?). Most seem GUI related (hxcolordialog..., hxcursor..., hxcombobox...).
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    I think the foleo was a product ahead of its time. Can we say Google CR48??? Similar concept just Foleo had an OS that was Phone dependent... CR48 Is Internet Dependent... whcih I think is the winning key... but hey who Am I... I am just a techie that has been with using Palm since the Palm III
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    Ok, my Centro and Treo 700p can both connect via bluetooth to the Foleo, but when I try to sync the email accounts, nothing happens. Just as well, because my Centro and Treo can no longer connect to the internet.

    I found out from Tealpoint that they will sell licences for the Foleo software, using the Palm OS prices. Probably not worth it, but maybe.

    The sad thing is that recharging and using my Centro and Pre made me sad... the Pre still has a ways to go before it is as quick and useful.

    Doing research now about Linux mp3 players. eBooks would be great.
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    ummm where did you get that from ?? or who ever got it for you ??
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I thought I was clear in the first post... Santa. You gotta believe :-)
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    The Folio came along too late! The Netbooks had more to offer at a cheaper price! More memory, Hard drive and running windows with almost laptop performance.

    I wanted a Folio until the netbooks came along!
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    I beta tested the Foleo for Palm (I'm sure the NDA is over), it was the original "netbook". It was a great device, it was solidly built, battery life was great, it had a lot of potential, but was crippled by Palm making it a "Treo accessory". It relied on needing a Treo (I used a Treo 755p, Treo 700wx, and T-Mobile Dash with it) to do one of the most important functions, email.

    It was going to be confusing to customers who might purchase the Foleo to use as a "netbook", customers who might not own or want a Treo. You could s surf the web via Opera (it had WiFi), create/edit Office apps with Documents To Go. It had a USB slot, flash drives and mice worked great with the Foleo. It was the first "netbook".

    The huge problem was the way it handled email. The email app needed a Treo. It could not send or receive email over WiFi. It synchronized, sent and received email using a Treo and an app you installed on your Treo (I got the app working on my Dash at the time). You could use Opera to login and send email via the web, but customers were going to be confused that the email app wouldn't work unless you had a Treo and the Foleo software installed on it.

    All that said, I would have bought one. I did have 2 Treos and a Dash to get my email
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    I've watched eBay for a Foleo ever since it was cancelled. If anyone has one to sell, hit me up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    The huge problem was the way it handled email. The email app needed a Treo. It could not send or receive email over WiFi.
    Makes you wonder why RIM is putting the same constraint on their upcoming Playbook tablet. (Playbook needs a tethered Blackberry to use the core email and calendar apps)
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    is there a way to buy a foleo today ?
    No... Santa gives in Christmas, if you can be a good guy!!!

    Well... I was a bad, bad, bad boy...

    Best Regards...
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    Another plus at the time was the instant on feature of the OS.
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    Santa must be Palm user, that's good to hear.

    A Foleo has to be one of the pinnacle geek vaporware gifts. I'd would jump on the chance to own a Foleo none the less use one for a few hours.

    What a great gift, I hope HP is working on webOS for an ARM netbook, that would be an awesome treo (pun intended) of devices: Smart Phone, Tablet, Netbook.

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    So I've been using it at work (to take notes during meetings, or look like I am).

    I am still trying to get email sync working, just to get a feel for what they were trying to do. It looks like Versamail needs an update on my Pre or Centro, but the links in the Foleo manual are no longer valid.

    I've been digging around in the terminal, and there are all sorts of goodies there in Linux, but no development tools that I can see, and no JVM. Uname -a reports Linux 2.4.21-rmk1-pxa1-intc2 (and armv5tel?). Any way to tell which flavor I'm using?

    I agree with the whole RIM analogy - they seem to be repeating the mistake of the Foleo (tightly coupling the email).
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    You just got a shoutout on the main Pre|Central page! Woohoo!
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    Has Motorola with the Atrix achieved what Palm were trying to do with the Foleo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk View Post
    Santa must be Palm user, that's good to hear.
    Of course he's a Palm user!
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