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    A couple of days old, I saw a story on the local news that Bell Mobility got fined a whopping <Dr. Evil voice>$1 million dollars .....mwa ha ha ha ha</Dr. Evil voice> for outsourcing their telemarkting teams, some of them working off-shore, and breaking the rules regarding Canada's national "Do Not Call List"
    Seriously..... a million dollars????? The amount of money they make, surely that's a drop in the bucket, and just a simple cost of marketing for them. I'm not a big fan of telemarketers to begin with, usually if I want something, I'll go and get it. On that subject, and in the same story, I can't remember the exact details of when, I'm thinking "in the coming months" <knee-slapper> but they were also saying how telemarketers were going to be able to start calling cell phones. I don't know about you, but for my phone I pay almost $120/month. I get 300 minutes outgoing, 5 numbers anytime anywhere, all incoming free, 1G data and the usual other services. I realize I get my incoming free but not everyone does. I'd be if I was getting bombarded with telemarketers and had to pay for it.
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    That's why the "call block" patch is such a great thing.
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    Yep! I had to change my number several months ago and when I did, I found out the former owner of the number hadn't paid any of their bills.

    I use the call block anyone not in contacts patch, so I never had to talk to them. I'd get a voicemail alert and then, when I had time, I'd contact the company and let them know that the person they were looking for no longer had this number and inform them it was a cell phone.

    In the U.S. they are not allowed to cost you money (including burning up your minutes) to collect money.
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