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    Hello --

    I don't know if anyone has ever posted this (I searched but didn't see anyone mention it previously) but I just found out that VoiceStream supports delivery notification of SMS messages.

    It's pretty cool, actually. Just start the body of your SMS message with *not# and then type your message. If possible(*), you will get a delivery notification when the message has been successfully sent to its destination.

    So, what do I mean by "If possible?" ... well, it would seem that there are a number of circumstances where this won't work 100%.

    First, if you're SMSing from VoiceStream to VoiceStream - everything should work perfectly. When the message has been successfully delivered to the *phone*, you will get a notification.

    If you're SMSing from VoiceStream to another carrier (domestic or international), you may get a notification when the message is delivered to the phone ... or you may get it when it is delivered to the carrier's SMS gateway. Or, you may not get one.

    If you SMS to email and include the notification tag, I'm finding that you won't get a notification.

    One Usenet poster said he used this trick to track when his business associates that were flying had touched down on the ground. He'd send the SMS with the delivery notification tag while he knew they were in the air. When they touched down and the message was received, he'd receive the notification. Cool.

    Also - as a side note, I've noticed that you can create a "subject" field on any SMS message you are sending to an email address by putting the subject first, then a #, then the body -- for example: Hello!!#Hey, this is a message to say hi!

    Any other interesting SMS capabilities that we don't know about?

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    Another way to put a subject line in is to use slashes.

    /Hi/This is an SMS.

    Hi will be your subject line. I found that if I DON'T use something to create a subject line, my whole message becomes the subject line--at least when sending to an email address.

    I also use VStream/TMobile.
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    Thanks for the information. I was wondering how to do that. Before I was able to change my e-mail alias, people would think my e-mail was spam. Because it had no subject heading and the phone number was my address.

    But, was this documented somewhere or you were able to figure it out?

    (If it's in the manual, then that's a stupid place to put it )

    Thanks again.

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