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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    You really like swiping in every direction? On the iphone you know exactly what page your on and a single swipe between icons. On android there's a scroll bar that appears and they are alphabetical..

    On Webos the pages scroll with no indicator of how many are above or below you, which is just not as intuitive. You scroll back to that page and its in the same place... so you have to scroll swipe up... wait for the bounce and then click your icon. It's even worse with the phones overall scrolling laggyness.

    If billed as a simpler smartphone this should be much better than the current (and even 2.0) iteration.
    Yeah, definitely is better to have a dozen of pages with no scroller at all... You'll never need to go to the second page when you're at 10th, and definitely, it's better to have 35 apps in 3 pages that categorized, no matter how many they are...

    Talk me about personal preferences, and I'll be ok, but please don't talk me about about "intuitive"...

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    Use the 4x4 icon patch.

    That way you have the iphone layout, but with the option of having more than 16 icons on the page still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    The word from the Tech Bloggers and P|C guys is that HP is not going to CES in any big way.

    I think we cannot expect anything at CES except announcment of an invitation of an event in the future.

    For what its worth, doing a big apple style event AFTER CES makes more sense if they really have something interesting to present.

    obviously this isn't little palm anymore, its HP, they can go toe to toe with Apple in manufacturing, but they need to get the buzz going, and they won't get the same press at CES they would with an event all to themselves.

    Honestly, I would be more excited to see HP announce an event than to see them present at CES. I think an event unto themselves likely means a huge set of announcements.

    to that end i look forward to more crickets.

    and hey, look at the bright side, at least Ruby has actually used an iOS and Android device now*

    *According to some other report on the same interview

    WOOT im excited

    HP invites press to an 'exciting webOS announcement' on February 9th -- Engadget

    and of course
    There are four lights.
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