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    Time and time again, refurbs suck. Almost every story I see about people going through multiple phones involves refurbs. Most people who stop the cycle either get lucky or managed to get a new Pre. It also doesn't help that a lot of the first run Pre minuses had issues.

    Remember, you bought a brand new phone, one warrantied for a year. If the carrier keeps giving you crappy refurbs, demand a brand new phone. If they don't do give you one, contact Palm and ask for a warrantied replacement. If neither gets the results you want, contact your state AG. When you buy that new phone, you are usually protected by law when companies warranty the product, even if they put language in there to try and skirt around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudoer View Post
    I liked it better when we could fill in the ____ regarding what you were on!

    I've been the practical sort and stayed away from most games on WebOS (and other platforms for that matter). I have a flight back to Milwaukee tomorrow morning (and the customary wait at the airport before then). Never even played angry birds. (Staying on topic ...) Does anyone know what Palm expects me to do? What game to you think they (actually you) think I will like to play in a cramped seat in the absence of cell or wifi and later on to combat boredom until new WebOS 2.0 and beyond devices arrive?

    Well, usually I'm high on coffee fumes, anything else to keep me awake! I don't know what your likes and dislikes on the cell phone are. There are over 5k (6k?) of things that you can download and look at or be preoccupied with during your flight. The reason I mentioned the games was because I was very impressed with the multitasking ability that this webos has! Sure beats the heck out of my first feature phone! Oh, and I do like the potrait keyboard and design of the Palm Pre line.
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    I downloaded angry birds lite. I upgraded my seat to one with 6" more legroom (I'm 6'2" and that's mostly legs). Hopefully this might give me room to actually break out either my work or personal laptop. I'm not a seasoned flyer but I'll have a little more to do on the way back than I had on the way out. (On my way out, I hadn't even reinstalled Preware. That and Flame are my favorite ways to find apps. I'll find some more stuff in the morning while waiting to board.)

    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bstryd View Post
    Wow - this is my thread. I'm on the orig Pre minus from Sprint - 18 months old. Still physically fine, though I admit I don't throw my phones around. I was very willing to wait until 2.0 hit in late fall as originally stated. Now - not until June '11 for new hardware, and some people saying that 2.0 will NOT go to Sprint Pres!!?? I'm really disappointed. But my Pre and webos is real productive, not just for pics, music and podcasts, and starting over with another os is really a drag. Come On HP!! You got people starving out here! 'Course maybe they are just concerned with enterprise.....
    Sprint users will definitely get webOS 2.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by spudland View Post
    I had a launch day Pre until it crapped out on me a month ago and Sprint replaced the chipset for me at no charge but the next day I had a crack at the USB port and the little plastic USB door came off along with a small piece of plastic from inside the phone! The crack quickly extended onto the screen so the sprint store replaced it at no charge and I now feel rejuvinated enough to hold out for the Hpalm phones that will hopefully be announced in a couple weeks.
    I had 4 different Pre's when i had WebOS.

    1. My launch unit from August of last year. It was great but then the keyboard starting repeating letters. Then the phone through a headset was plugged in all the time (before the "fix" was out there yet). Traded it in to:

    2. A few dead pixels but that never really bothered me. The power button went out on this unit and there was an oreo. I would've kept it if it was just the oreo but the power button thing got on my nerves.

    3. Traded in and sprint messed up and gave me a phone on someone elses account. They ended up giving me a brand new Pre. Not Palm's fault here

    4. my final Pre. Everything was good EXCEPT for the fact the spaceboard on the keyboard was AWFUL. It basically didnt' give me any feed back of being pressed. I eventually got used to it...but this is a brand new Pre from February and it still had isssues. I ended up selling it for $125 (obviously good condition) and bought my Evo....which i am still on my first one with no issues.
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