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    I need help on syncing my Outlook 2010 with my home computer and my palm pre.. I just want to be able to update and sync my appointments, email, contacts, etc.

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    Contacts, calendar and tasks can be synced by apps like Pocket Mirror and CompanionLink. Both offer a free trial period so you can try them. You will find them both in the App Catalog.

    I use Pocket Mirror. Others here use gMail to sync calendars and tasks, but there are limits to how interchangeable they are.

    Email doesn't get synced the same way. If your phone is connecting to an Exchange server, you can get email using EAS (Exchange Access Service). If not, you will need to point your phone directly at the email service that you are using with outlook.

    For example, if you use yahoo email, you create a new account in the webOS Email app and give it your yahoo email info.

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