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    Hello, i'm interested in experiment a bit with light linux apps available for the linux arm core, and want to know if it is possible to run these directly on the pre. I have the terminal app installed via preware, but need to know if there is a special step in getting the apps into the linux part of the pre.
    What is the way to get into the linux part of the pre to store the programs?, I mean, it is accesible via the mass storage option?. Im mainly trying to get nmap and such network apps on my pre.
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    The keyword to search that will answer all of your questions is "optware". The details for loading thousands of Linux apps onto a Pre were worked out a long time ago.....
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    You could try mounting a linux rootfs on your Pre and running linux programs off of it. WebOS Internals has a guide for setting up a Debian rootfs on your Pre:

    You could try setting up a rootfs for your distro of choice. I've had limited success using Ubuntu ARM, but probably because it's in beta.

    In the webOS Internals developer subforum, you'll find a guide to setting up an X server and xterm on your Pre, and that will let you run GUI programs on your linux rootfs, such as a window manager, Chromium, OpenOffice, etc.

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