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    I was one of the first people to order a Treo 180 and have been a proud user of it since then. I debated for a long time whether I should pay for a 270. The GPRS upgrade and the more frequent web browsing that I now do is what finally pushed me over the edge. The web was just too damn boring in b/w! So I finally took the plunge and paid $599+shipping for one.

    Boy am I happy I did!!! To me the difference is night and day! I don't regret a single penny of what I paid. This is why:

    - With the bright screen and the lit keyboard, the device is so much more useable
    - The experience so much more pleasant
    - The unit feels much more solid than my 180.

    I really didn't know what I had been missing.

    I should say, however, that I did NOT pay for my 180; my work did. So my total out-of-pocket expense was the price of the 270. So all I can say is that if you're thinking about saving $100 or $150 on your new Treo by buying a 180, think again!! I probably wouldn't have yet decided to buy a 270 if I had paid for the 180 myself... don't know how much longer I could have waited though

    Of course I upgraded it to GPRS out of the box and thankfully everything went perfectly .
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    Ignore this... I made a mistake and I don't have permission to delete.
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    Why did you pay $599 for it?
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    Why did you pay $599 for it?
    Because I've been paying for my own useage on the 180... it's my own personal plan.

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