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    Is there a central registry of palm programs, so that when I use Filez, I can figure out who installed the odd program whose purpose I don't know?

    I just found that Xiino doesn't uninstall cleanly, but leaves a program and database (unfortunately I deleted them and didn't note the names and creator; the program name is something like internet pref). This was easy enough to identify because Xiino's website ( was in the details. But now that I look, several programs and databases have no identifying details.

    By the way, Xiino lets you choose which applications control http, https, etc., but blazer wasn't an option. Indeed, I had no options now that Xiino is uninstalled.
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    I found this site to be pretty helpful when I tried to clean my Treo.

    Every Palm OSŪ application, shared library, and feature has a four character Creator ID. This Creator ID uniquely identifies the application, shared library, or feature to the Palm OS Software. To prevent conflicts between applications, Palm Inc. maintains an official list of Palm OS Creator IDs.

    You can search for a Creator ID below to ensure that the one you want to register is not already used. After deciding on a Creator ID that isn't used by another developer, reserve it immediately using the online registration form.
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    That is it, exactly. Now I can identify remnants of old software, and figure out which programs are bigger hogs than expected.
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    Be warned, not everything is in the database. I have had the experience of trying to clean stuff up and the creator Id was not there. When I went back and looked at a later date (months) some appeared.

    In addition to files, entries are also left in your saved preferences. These are also identified by the creator ID and can make your saved preferences file get very large. This results in longer hotsynchs. I use a program called PrefEd to clean out these entries in my saved preferences.
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    Thanks. I had already encountered jp88, setupDB not in the database but apparently present on a new Treo so not deleted. Thanks for the prefed link.

    It turns out I have a lot of preferences that don't have owners. Many of these were created by legitimate programs -- GSM!, Smsm, HsDB, but are currently listed as not having owners. Can these be safely deleted? I deleted some Smsm ones, which apparently are records of old SMSs that I sent or received but which have since been deleted. I could tell this by the content. It strikes me that if these are piling up, I could fill the memory eventually with deleted SMS remnants.

    Also, every change to Clockpop apparently leaves an old pref.
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    Yeah, MultiMail appears to create a new preference every time I check my email! I contacted tech support and sort of got a go away email from them. What I have done is the following:

    1) Hotsynch using Backup Buddy
    2) Make a copy of the saved preferences file and save it somewhere on my hard drive.
    3) Delete an entry and see what happens .

    If after a day or so nothing seems wrong, I start again with the next entry. If something goes wrong, I copy the saved preference file that I saved back onto my device. If something went really wrong, I would copy over the file in Backup Buddy, hard reset, and then hotsynch. Thankfully, nothing like that has happened (YET).

    I have found that some files without creator IDs are orphans from uninstalkled programs while some are not. I would suggest backing up the saved preferences file, just in case!
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    You are remarkably patient! I backed up with BackupBuddy, copied the entire backup and saved it (so I can completely restore to that point) and deleted about 25 things. If something goes wrong, I'll restore and try deleting about half of the stuff; if nothing goes wrong (so far, so good) I might try a few more things individually.

    Eudora has 12 entries in prefs, but apparently all useful - the one I deleted as an experiment was the thing that prevents you from seeing the welcome/use at own risk screen after its first instance.
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    Originally posted by Preston
    You are remarkably patient!
    Nay, I am just an obsessive-compulsive blood banker! It has taken me a while but I am now down to two unknown entries, one of which gets the ax today!

    There is an entry for eudora thatshows up as no creator (I cannot remeber what it is called). If you delete it, you will be prompoted with the regestration screen when you run it. No biggie because you will simply have to fill it in again.
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