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    Hey Everyone,

    Was just doing some searching of the web and came across a really cool chinese phone.. It has a full qwerty keyboard that swivels around.

    From what I can find, the other side of the swivel is a camera. So in otherwords, the swivel allows you to transform the phone into one with a front-facing camera..

    NOW... imagine if HP - Palm:
    1) Applied this same design to philosophy to a future device
    2) Eliminated all buttons on the front
    3) Extended the screen down; and
    4) Instead of giving you a front facing camera, gave you more screen when you rotated the lower swivel section

    What do you guys reckon? Aside from a vertical / horizontal slider or rotating screen, it seems that this is the only way we can get both a physical keyboard and large screen...
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    The form factor has little appeal here

    And noone really wants to remer the Oreo formfactor in a palm/HP device
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    No thanks, I know a few friends that had a phone like that on verizon (can't remember the name), something like Kyocera twist or something and they were pure junk. Both of them had issues within 3 months of owning.
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    That's pure fugliness right there!
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    Moving parts = bad. The main reason I went with a Pixi instead of a Pre.
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    I'd not be so global as to say that "moving parts = bad" did you ever see or use a Motorola Sidekick?

    That flip lid was twisted and inverted by pre-teens and teenagers who did nothing but text message all day long, and never failed, much less had any sort of a reported "chronic"design failure history, ever. They also had a "slide" version, which worked very well too, but wasn't quite as popular.

    Anyway, my point is to keep an open mind - the Pre slider wasn't designed very well - it DOES appear that the Pre 2 (I donthave one) has been tightened up and improved, but I don't know if the mechanism has been redesigned. WE'll know if it was a successful attempt in a few months from the new Pre2 users who post about it then.

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    Isn't a real front facing camera a better solution to a front facing camera?

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