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    Quote Originally Posted by eggroks View Post
    someone please fire jon. He is the most unethusiastic person on earth. He doesn't even give people a chance to have hope. Holy ****. Most negative person I've seen.
    Why do you want hope with a phone? It's just a phone! Phones do not give hope.
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    is there video of the interview anywhere? I couldn't find it
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    Why do you want hope with a phone? It's just a phone! Phones do not give hope.
    You mustn't have seen any iPhones yet. They even make their users be better people than everyone else. Or at least believe that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDizzAR View Post
    So did you guys notice this on:
    Jon Rubinstein live from D: Dive Into Mobile;

    Finally!! A sign of Skype coming to WebOS!!!!

    So I tweeted;

    Now let's hope we'll get a little more info out of it!

    In the US it's a VZW exclusive.
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    relax why so serious everyone? just tired of the same ole bs from jon.. atleast throw someone else out there with no information... dont act like yall dont feel the same.. please.. my phone doesnt give me hope but i want something whatever this word is trolling? u guys spend too much time on this forum to even come up with a word like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicekyo View Post
    Look, user eggroks posted a similar post in another thread ( without meaningful reason(s). If you don't call that trolling, I don't what is.

    I am open to comments, but come on, at least express them with a thought process. I am all up for a debate or a discussion if you will. For example, if you want to fire someone, there must be a set of metrics to evaluate that individual. Along with those metrics, how does he/she measure up to expectations. What areas did he failed? What areas did he succeed?

    I personally think Jon made many mistakes, but so has the entire senior management team at Palm. Unless you are given the tools to succeed, which I don't think Jon was, all roads lead to failure.
    I stand corrected, point to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Analog View Post
    ...and usually, as in this case, by folks who haven't the faintest clue what it actually means.
    If you say so, you may be more an expert on trolls than I, I tend to ignore them.
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