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    For the hacking community it might be an option to move the webOS GUI to the TI OpenSource development mainboard named "Pandaboard". It's equipped with an OMAP4430 (ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core Processor - see Texas Instruments OMAP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and OMAP™ 4 Platform - OMAP4430/OMAP4440) running at 1 GHz.
    The board has everything on board you can dream of (POWERVR™ SGX540, C64x + DSP, Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, 2xUSB, SD-Cardreader, Audio in/out, Standard HDMI-A out for your Flatscreen TV and DVI via adapter).
    The only things missing is an SATA port and Gigabit-LAN.
    Seems to be a little bit to much for a phone but you can also use something like this as a simple desktop replacement (Surfstation,... other option at the end of this post).

    The first boards have been shipped mid/late November 2010. It runs an Ubuntu v10.10 for Netbooks (Ubuntu ARM-Edition; OMAP Ubuntu Main - OMAPpedia) as well Pandroid (Android port - OMAP Android Main - OMAPpedia) out of the box.
    As this is quite a start with some work webOS might even run (currently webOS is running on OMAP3430 and 3630 hardware).

    Details on the Pandaboard is available here:

    I placed my order last weekend but it will be early January 2011 before I get it (Update: Delivery date now mid January 2011...). I'll focus more on standard usability e.g. media center (see below) and small home server as it need round about 4-5W (max). Still webOS would be great! :-)

    The Pandaboard is really a killer for the Intel Atom platform from my point of view. Only the price tag (three times more expensive compared to a simple Atom board) is currently an issue...but it's only a developer board not really mass-production compared to the Intel Atom offerings.

    Drifting off-topic...
    There is also some work for the XBMC in the pipeline. One of the persons responsible for the work on XBMC for the BeagleBoard (ARM Cortex A8 - Single Core) is looking into the Pandaboard and thinks this will allow HD playback at constant ~30fps. The BeagleBoard was good for SD but not powerful enough for HD content. The original BeagleBoard had an OMAP3530 running at 600 MHz the new BeagleBoard-xM is running at 1 GHz (still Single Core) and is already better suited for HD. When the TI DSP C64X+DSP is used HD should be possible as well.
    References for XBMC and the BeagleBoard:
    Beagleboard | XBMC - XBMC
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    I am still holding my breath to see it on the HTC Hero...
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