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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    why should developers wait?
    If I were a developer, I don't know if I'd be feeling loved by everyone or annoyed as hell that everyone is trying to get me to publish to their platform. iOS, BB, Android, WP7, webOS...heck, even MeeGo.

    ~sticks fingers in ears~

    lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala i can't hear you lalalalalalalalala
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    It's Fox News. They can't even handle proper real news reporting, you think they can handle anything related to tech analysis?

    What do you expect from the illegitimate child of Joseph Goebbels? (**** propaganda chief).
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeirdHerald View Post
    Dittos to what this guy said.

    I love my Pre and it had SO much potential (even better than iPhone OS at first, IMHO) but they just let it fade away. I'm up for a new phone in a few months and I'd be hard pressed to get a new HP/Palm. I do hope they do something new and good though. Of course they'd have to bring it to Sprint. C'mon!

    Oh, and to all you HATERS out there, Fox News RULES!
    yep I'm thinking, what the #1 station by faaaaarrrrrrr for like 10 years straight, your going to get hated on. But I do agree even though I like fox news they are the last thing I'd be using to get tech reviews.
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    yeah this to me dosent mean nothing, and he even has the iphone 4, and wii above it and to me both are great products. This wont hold any weight at all, just because they have prob the best single selling phone in the iphone 4 on the list as #2. Bad article irrelevant.
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    Ignorant as usual.

    New York Times ran this today: Palm Is Far From 'Game Over,' Says Former Chief -

    Much better!
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    FauxNews strikes again.
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    remember out of all the bs news stations msnbc,cnn, and fox news all have their own agenda rather then doing what they say they are "news' channels. there was an article months ago about how of all the news channel the lowest visitors to a site was fox news even though they dominate the tv ratings. Why?...age the majority of people who watch fox news are usually +50 and not tech savvy people. So we could all freak or realize in the end not many people will see this and I don't think many people right now would get a pre anyway. I have a pre + and don't feel like I'm left out I'm overclocked and happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pointy View Post
    Doesnt anyone else smell something funny? Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox network) is best friends with Steve Jobs. A little corporate sabotage for Steve's competitors?
    Then why did they diss the iPhone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Then why did they diss the iPhone?
    Because iPhone 4.2 comes out on Verizon next Janruary/February, according to the big name news rumors. They were just giving a subtle dis to AT&T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwinn35 View Post
    yep I'm thinking, what the #1 station by faaaaarrrrrrr for like 10 years straight, your going to get hated on. But I do agree even though I like fox news they are the last thing I'd be using to get tech reviews.
    Number One station? Sorry I did not get the notice. I am not even sure my TV can tune in Fox, been so long. They are a bunch of ambulance chasers. If they are number one, that's a sad thing for America. News is only reliable when ratings are not involved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    If I wanted a tech review I would look at sources like engadget. Getting a tech review from a major news outlet is like getting a burger from taco bell.
    They would rip it apart just as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
    News is only reliable when ratings are not involved.
    ...Good thing for MSNBC that ratings don't matter.

    Seriously though, this article was just an opinion and that opinion is quite debatable. I do worry that the Palm platform is in critical condition. I really like it and I think is has a lot to build on, but they just aren't keeping up with market demand. I would call them a boutique brand, except they aren't behaving as one. They just seem to be slowly plodding forward while everyone else in the market drives right by them. With HP backing them, it seems they could move faster but that's not the result.

    Maybe HP/Palm can score a home run in the tablet market but Apple has set the standard (again) and everone else just looks like a wannabe. The sad thing is the Apple devices aren't really that great, just appealing. They don't even handle multitasking well, but it seems that isn't a demand in the Apple market. "It's just cute, and fun". Kind of reminds me of the "Wii vs. Playstation" advertisment ( ).

    No, I'm not an Apple cheerleader. I do recognize their market appeal though. I'd like to see HP/Palm make a market leap. I just don't think it is going to be in the phone market. Again, opinion.
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    The Palm brand is dead. I would be surprised if any new phone came out with Palm in it's name. HP bought webOS, Palm was just extra baggage. Plus, HP doesn't have a reputation for moving fast.
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