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    OK I was thinking about this i now that palm mostly likes to keep the devices designed by themselves but they should learn from history there own and sony. they should let more manufacturers develope other phones or devices that can run web OS. maybe im in the dark about this but i feel that is why sonys MD lost to cds. sony didnt let anyone make md players until the end of the product cycle. if palm/hp wants more of the consumer cell phone pie they really need to do what android has done and let any manufacturer make products to run webos. thats just my opinion how do u all feel. everyone out there have a happy and health.
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    Been there, done that.

    Palm licensed out PalmOS to several manufacturers, including Sony, TapWave, etc. Then, taking it further, they broke into two, with one side making hardware, the other the OS...

    Didn't work. Now, with Google giving away a great OS for free, how would you compete by getting others to use your OS? Eventually, the Android phone manufacturers will be competing with a large group for low margins, while the OS company grows and gains. HP knows this, as a PC vendor. Any maybe they can compete as a hardware manufacturer (they are huge in PC sales, and legacy Palm was actually the best Windows Mobile device maker).

    Instead of jumping into a large group, HP's strategy seems to be modeled after Apple's - control the hardware and OS and app store...
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