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    There sure is a lot of them, maybe they could apply to HP and tell them how to run their company. just sayin'

    (the horse has been beaten so bad, the glue factory doesn't wamt it anymore )
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    Considering their in last place in the race...and slowing down, maybe a little outside advice wouldn't be such a bad thing.

    Could following it make things worse?
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    No it couldn't make it worse but I hardly doubt a gigantic corporation such as HP isn't already aware of the issues. It's not like they (it might seem to the general consumer)are running around spending billions of dollars blindly, their stockholders wouldn't allow it. Just because a company does something, to the dislike of the consumer, doesn't mean that there isn't a bigger picture in store. Companies have to answer to their board of directors first, before anybody. While this might not make sense to you, or I for that matter, so long as it makes sense to them, in the long run, that's what matters.

    I'm not saying I agree or understand what exactly it is they are (or arent ) doing, but being they are who they are, surely they have "a little" experience. Just sayin'

    and just on an optimistic note, maybe whatever they have in store is SO good, that they KNOW all of this doom & gloom will be swept away and forgotten about once they show off what they got. That might be overly optimistic, but you never know until it happens. Think about prior to the iPhone and how that took the world by storm. Maybe we're on the verge of something similar to that

    I just had a brainstorm. Suppose they introduce a smart phone that doesn't require a charger of any sort. Something along the lines of Citizen Eco-Drive watches that use sunlight to power them and once fully charged can run for days with no solar recharge? How cool would that be on an ecological level as well as cigarette charger real estate level? I would trade off charging cords/ports for a little extra weight. Remember you heard it here first.
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    What's wrong with second guessing HP? There seems to be a contingent who believes that because HP is a large company that has been around for a long time and has lots of money, that they know what they're doing. That doesn't automatically follow. Some of the biggest failures have been produced by large, well financed, multi-national companies. People assume that HP must have a plan, and it must be great. I have no reason to believe that.

    Despite having been in the smartphone business for a very long time, they have yet to produce one that anybody wanted to buy. Ditto for tablets as well. So bereft of an original idea was HP, that they saw twice-dead Palm as a lifeline. When they saw wOS, the first thing they thought of was a better printer. How's that P2 working out? How about the Zeen and Slate? Still think they have a brilliant plan?

    How are they doing with holding onto, and exciting the loyal fan base? How are they doing with carrier relations? How are they doing with attracting developers to write for their platform? Where is their marketing muscle? Where is their leverage? Where is their reach? How has the HP name increased market-share, mindshare, or any other kind of share?

    Those who believe everyone should just sit back and trust the HP overlords are wrong on every count. Neither Palm nor HP could convince Sprint to carry either of the last couple of products. Instead, it took fans marching on the Facebook page to get Sprint's attention. It took devoted fans doing email campaigns to get apps like Angry Birds ported to wOS. Where were the brilliant, corporate, well-financed keepers of the wOS flame, then?

    I suspect that the average PC poster has more of a clue about consumer smartphones than the professionals at HP. Please show me something, anything that HP has done that proves me wrong.
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    top of my head...

    phones at dev day

    releasing pre2 to devs and not pushing it hard on the public (besides the French but we all know not many people like them)

    tossing out phones on the engadget show

    keeping ruby in a roll that he should fill better

    buying palm and a bunch of cloud orientated companies

    getting rid of hurd the turd

    selling more slates than they expected but i think we talked about that in another thread.

    pushing ruby into the media more recently

    Enyo and making apps scalable

    embracing the homebrew community

    bringing Whitby to New York

    Hopefully some "homebrew apps" from HP engineers

    Needless to say i own stock in coolaid but i see them moving in the right direction.

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