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    I had the opportunity to see the new Dell Venue Pro at a local Microsoft Store a few weeks ago and must say I was impressed by the device. WP7 didn't exactly win me over but I found the portrait slider, keyboard quality/responsiveness, screen size (4.1" AMOLED), and overall thinness of the device to be exactly what I'd love to see in an upcoming webOS phone.

    One thing that turned me off on the device the slab feel of most current phones. If Palm were to make a phone similar to this, I'd still like to see them retain the roundness of the Pre. Is just feels better in-hand.
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    Physically, I think the phone is really slick looking. OTOH, I'm downright astounded why people are going crazy over the UI. I don't think I could imagine anything uglier if I tried.
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    dell is working on an android version to be released soon.
    cdma ?
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    Dell pulled off this nice feel by sliding only the screen and leaving all smartphone components in the base. The Pre has some of the components in the top slider and the rest in base. You are right, that the Dell Venue has some impressive hardware but WP7 looks lopsided and clumsy to me.
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    I really do like the rounded, soft curves of the Pre form factor, but I'd really like them to scale it up a bit, make it a tiny bit wider, and certainly taller, to accommodate a larger keyboard with larger keys. A larger screen with better pixel density would certainly help sell this phone.
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    I still find it hard to believe that dell made quality hardware.

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