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    its good to see places like Gizmodo (which was kind of anit webos) putting the Pre 2 on the list of best smartphones currently. Before Webos was always MIA when stating OS's out in the world. It states its a very cheap price off contract for AT&T users at the 450 mark, and states soon to be at VZ too. Its nice to see it up there with the epic, and iphones of the world. Funny no mention of the EVO hmmmm:

    The Best Smartphone on Every Platform
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    I am glad it is getting recognition, but it's the best phone for every platform.. So of course the Pre 2 wins that one. It's not comparing them against each other.

    But I am glad WebOS is actually even up there.
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    The surprising recognition is that Gizmodo would even call webOS a "platform", rather than "DOA". You'll notice that they didn't say a word about Symbian, which is what I expected for webOS. Maybe they're wary of what may be announced soon?

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