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    It appears that when I hit my spacebar, I'm either not getting the space inserted, or a double space gets put in. Is it likely that it's just me getting complacent while typing and not hitting it right, or that it may be on the verge of a crap out? I think I have 2 months left on warranty, but I'd hate to send it in, get a new one and have them tell me nothing was wrong with it and then bill me.

    so much for the italicized "it".

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    I have gone through this phase before, and for me it was just that, a phase. After a few days there were less space mistakes. All our devices are a little different than others, so you may or may not have the same results as me.
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    Mine did the same thing, after something got spilt on the phone by the kids. After a few days of use, the sugars started to break down and everything went back to normal function.
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    maybe that's it.
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    I only seem to have issues inserting a space directly after a comma, but I think my issue is just that I hit the space bar too far on the edge in that situation.
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    maybe your just spaceing out !!
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