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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    First, nix any "Obama" chatter please. Don't make this one of those threads. Second, your carrier is not an opponent or enemy to be beaten into submission. You can request a service or product. But in the end the company will do what is necessary to make a profit. If offering one phone maker over another make sense, that is what they will do, and you can't blame them simply because it's not what you want of them. The Pre was a calculated risk that, because of a delayed release that decayed hype, poor advertising, and a reputation for poor build quality, became a drain rather than a boom for the company. I don't blame them for being skeptical or hesitant to carry what is a minimally redesigned, spec bumped version of the same phone. Third, the community ourselves is getting a bad rep because of this as well. Remember how much people hate the iphone fans who think Jobs can do know wrong, and how annoying they were and still are? I'd prefer our community be viewed as they are. I think the members here are on average technically saavy and well educated in the industry. I'd hate to have everone not take us seriously because we whine like babies because Sprint won't give us what we want.
    Dude, I made a point based on how many here seem to think you shouldnt VOICE a desire/request to a BIG coorperation for what you want, so I decided to show the tactic of community organizers to show how effective it can be to BOMBARD a company or politicians in a representative democracy, which is what Obama has done all his life. If you guys arent adult enough to see the post isnt somuch about Obama, but the tactics used, then I cant help you. I also agree with many here that it should ALWAYS be in good respectful taste.

    I didnt choose to give any reasons for Sprints not addressing complaints, nor commenting on a poll they created that shows a desire for customers to see them carry webOS devices. This is why I mentioned Alinskys tactics that have worked well when dealing with big companies and govt no matter if you agree or not, and seems to be what many are doing to Sprint.
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    people can post whatever they want want just like sprint can release whatever phone they want...
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    There is nothing wrong with having an opinion on the matter, but let's just try and keep in about the topic instead of making this personal in any way. I am excited about any and every advancement of HP webOS (devices, updates, etc.) and have no problem admitting that. But if want to be respected as a community, let's be organized and on point when we try and communicate outside the community and with carriers and developers.

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    I'm not sure here. If its simply a matter of a carrier not choosing a phone, then i'm more in support of the OP.

    But there's some circumstances here. Sprint and Palm teamed up in 2009 to make this Sprint's flagship. Though no promises were really made, Palm users felt confident on Sprint especially given the history. Palm's biggest base is on Sprint which Sprint should know.

    Now even if..more exciting form factors are on the way, is one of them a Pre 3? I doubt that. Sure, Palm had problems with the Pre. Which made them sprint's problems. But the phone did evolve through the Plus and now the Pre 2 which supposedly fixed many of these problems.

    Sprint should support this form factor. It's not 5" or a slab, but the portrait kb does allow webOS to be even more special with just type. Just the way you'd swipe on screen with the device using one hand with thumb.

    As for the business aspect of it, you can't convince me that the Pre 2 wouldn't hold its own in Sprint's current smartphone lineup. I'm not talking flagship status since that's obviously its 4G phones in the EVO and Epic. But certainly it'd fare better than some others. Go visit and look at smartphones only.

    I agree with those who say complain but do it nicely. Sprint may know, but if everyone stays quiet, that sure makes things easy to ignore.
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    It's the collateral damage that sucks. I've seen people ask for comparisons between two specific feature phones on Sprint's Facebook page only to be greeted by idiots telling them to get a Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    It's the collateral damage that sucks. I've seen people ask for comparisons between two specific feature phones on Sprint's Facebook page only to be greeted by idiots telling them to get a Pre.
    Agreed! It's so frustrating to see everyone acting this way...
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    It's not like people were clamoring for Apple to make an iPhone for years before they actually did, right?

    Some of you seem to believe that companies just KNOW what people want without people saying anything, as if moved by market magic. Well, the market is terrile at predicting what currently nonexistent product it's going to like in the future, unless people in the market speak up about what they would like to buy.

    That said, Palm have been looking for a director for sprint marketing, haven't they? The fact that Sprint (and a bunch of other international carriers previously known to be in league with Palm) have chosen not to carry the Pre 2 doesn't mean that webOS is dead, or that these carriers believe it is - it means that these carriers have already seen what's in store for the next year and don't want to do all the work necessary to carry a device that HP is very obviously positioning as a developer device (quiet launch, universal unlocked availability from HP store, almost impossible to find in consumer stores, nearly 50% off for registered developers) and not much more.

    It'll never cease to amaze me how people reading online blogs to get their daily speculation fix will nonetheless assume that they know more about what'll happen in the future than people in charge of multi-billion dollar corporations partnered up with the speculated-upon company.
    Believe me - I haven't seen what Palm will present next year, and neither have you. But the group of people that decides what Sprint carries and not have been acquainted with it for months.

    So petitioning for Sprint to carry the Pre 2 won't actually make them. And they'll almost certainly carry whatever Palm will put on the table early next year (haha unless you're one of the bridge folk, in which case Palm is already dead, the Pre2 is the last POS from them, and any new Palm devices are unicorns: won't ever exist and you'll never see one) So it's all moot anyway.
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    GSH, you are working too hard. There is nothing wrong with releasing a developer phone. The problem is that HP didn't introduce it as a developer phone. They left it for people to just figure it out. Not cool.

    This is not the first phone that Sprint has passed on. It is the second. ther is no reason to believe they will pick up the next one. Since HP will will be releasing several phones, Sprint might pass on the next one in favor of the fourth or fifth offering. We are all left to tell Hp's product story instead of HP TELLING THEIR OWN STORY! Therefore, my story is just as good as yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    Do I think this is Sprints own fault for not making a official statement to their valid customers?
    (Answer - Yes.)
    I disagree.
    There's an issue that people are ignoring here.
    Even at it's absolute peak...WebOS was about 7% of the marketshare.
    That number has decreased to AT LEAST 4% if not lower.

    Not all of those 4% are Sprint users. Maybe only half.

    Sprint cannot make an announcement about every, forgive me for the next word but it's the current reality, little thing going on.

    Why would they? Instead, they want you to buy phones like the Evo and Epic rated the "two best phones in the world."
    Any person that buys those phones will likely have good things to say about, and therefore stay with, Sprint.

    The Pre was nothing but a bad thing for Sprint.

    Conclusion, being loud and obnoxious because things aren't going your way isn't going to yield anything but a bad reputation.
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    Quote: "Conclusion, being loud and obnoxious because things aren't going your way isn't going to yield anything but a bad reputation. "

    I couldn't agree more! All we're doing is making our community look terrible! It's so embarrassing...
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    the squeakiest wheel is the one that gets greased
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Quote: "Conclusion, being loud and obnoxious because things aren't going your way isn't going to yield anything but a bad reputation. "

    I couldn't agree more! All we're doing is making our community look terrible! It's so embarrassing...
    "Look Terrible" Is The Nice Way To Put It. Theres Only A Handful Of People Here That I Actually Respect For Their Opinions. The Rest Just Sound Like Spoiled Brats.
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    I'm not working, I've just spent the entire day changing from one train to the next (in the fifth one now I think) and am really, REALLY bored
    And still on my first battery despite playing Angry Birds and browsing around a lot. But this doesn't belong here.

    I don't think it's all that hard for people to figure out that a phone which isn't offered to consumers anywhere except france (where SFR have titled the Pre2 a 'preview' from day 1 of their sales) - but IS offered, unlocked, to developers everywhere at a great discount to boot - is a developer phone. Not cool? Okay. I still understood the nod without them going and calling it the "Palm Developer".

    Sprint did pass on the Pre Plus - but how many do you think they would've sold six months after getting the original Pre on an exclusive deal? Nobody with a Pre was ripe for an update, and there was a good chance that everybody on Sprint who wanted a Pre already got one.

    But regardless of that, it's unlikely that Palm would want to hire a director for Sprint sales if they weren't also expecting Sprint sales in the future. You're free to believe that the guy's job is gonna be to push Sprint into selling more original Pres if you wish, but I don't because - always the unthinking, undiscriminating optimist - I don't think they're mentally ******** at Palm. If that is your story, it really is a good one. They'd also not HIRE a new person just for Sprint relations if their job was purely to re-establish relations with Sprint. Unless you believe that, because any old story that you want to believe in is of course just as good as any of mine seeing how I can't prove anything and neither can you.

    So, what's your story again? The Pre 2 is Palm's great white hope for the next year and nobody wants to buy it - so Palm is dead as evidenced by carriers' reluctance to carry it? Yeah, yours IS as good as mine

    But let's talk about this again in half a year or so, shall we? It's not like there won't be a point where one of our stories will necessarily have to pan out. If nothing new comes out and/or carriers won't sell it, you win. If HP does bring new webOS phones to carriers (including, more than likely, Sprint) I win.

    (by the way - leaving the telling of the product story to the customers has worked SUPER-well for Apple. If you have a bunch of fans telling the story of your products, that's MUCH more believable than telling it yourself, to the point where Apple don't need many commercials since Apple fans are much better at spreading the word.

    Apple fans have had to do it for about 20 years before the first iProduct became successful. Now webOS fans are doing it. Is it really so bad to have a community that cares?)

    <edit> boredom is a hell of a drug. I think I might write a novel during my next train trip.
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    You can't expect people to ask professional when it comes down to what they feel is owned to them or what they want.

    Look at the last election for a good example for instance, the crazys came out with guns in the name of freedom and what's right or American in their eyes.

    Sprint needs to make a statement, plain and simple of the future of the relantionship between them and palm. Until they do, people will act a fool, expecting professionalism is asking too much from alot of people.

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    Nobody really needs to spend this much energy complaining to sprint, while we are all curious and wanting to know what is going on, complaining wont solve anything. It could push them in one of two ways. One, They take a very long time to announce that they will be getting another webos phone but by that point we have all used our upgrades and are dont have pres/pixis any more and dont have an upgrade to use. Two, They put up a cheap version that is similar to the original pre that has been rushed and didnt get set up very well. Plus all this energy could go to better use, for example making protons and electrons.
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