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    Who else does this? I sometimes take my old centro out of hiding, charge it up and play around with it still. I did this yesterday and forgot about the "universal search" that it had on it. It has a find option that will search your documents, pics, videos, music, contacts, apps. A lot more than the current universal search searches for. But hopefully 2.0 is bringing all that back. Also the fact that I was able to play music while doing whatever else on my phone was, at the time, multi tasking hotness. I had the teal OS theme on my centro. Anyone else have that? It was pretty much a webOS theme that had cards and the webOS launcher. Being on AT&T at the time and watching the Pre come out on Sprint, thats the best I had. But for the Centro, it was cool. Anyways, I was just reminiscing last night with my old centro and wanted to share and see if anyone else does that. Hopefully I'm not the only tech geek on here. lol
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    I use my old centro as a spare battery charger
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    I don't think my old Treo will even turn on....
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    My old GSM Centro still in my drawer, has some of my old data. But I'm on Bell now so it'll never get reactivated.
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    i use my treo650 as an alarm clock... i had an alarm clock app that turned the WHOLE screen into a snooze button... and a cancel at the very bottom.

    MUCH easier
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    I have used it while waiting for a replacement Pre to arrive. I forgot how much I liked my Pre until I did that. I also forgot how good the PIM functionality in PalmOS is.

    I may need to reactivate to save the data-plan cost, and only use my Pre over wifi. After playing around with my Centro recently, I'm reminded that it will be painful.
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    Palm OS had a lot of cool stuff on it. I don't know why they couldn't have transferred a lot of it to WebOS.
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    I still have my old Centro, plus my old Sony Clie TH-55 and Palm IIIC. All are charged (although the Sony is having problems) and I'll sometimes play with them. While I don't rely on the data on them, there are still some cool little games and the like.

    Plus, as was previously mentioned, I use the Centro as my spare battery charger.
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    I still use my Treo for Smart Money that can sync to my laptop.
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    I use my old treo 680 to listen to music (with external speakers), i still use the calender, it still has holidays. My favorite app, planetarium is still functional.
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    I keep my Centro out near my desk, plugged in and charging up. I HotSync every once in a while, especially for Epocrates. Sometimes I forget how to use it, and I have to stop and think how to do things.

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    I've been using my centro for PIM functions not available on the pre. (agendus, brainforest, and especially the desktop). I had my first ever problem with my sprint pre, and since I was traveling and couldn't be home to get it fixed, I had sprint turn the centro back on. Since the pre works fine with wifi, I am in no great hurry to switch it back.
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    Use my 755p as an mp3 player since I can use music to go on Rhapsody with Pocket Tunes.
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    I have an old centro with a bad ESN that I have my kids using to play games, listen to music and watch movies on while in the car.
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    My son is still using my Treo 755p and I had bought it used.
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    I don't have any old Palm phones, but occasionally I'll dig out my old T|X and play with it. I have been debating giving it to my son (2yrs old) to play with so he will stop swiping my phone. I guess to me it's just sad to see such a still capable little piece of hardware languishing in a desk drawer when it is still completely functional, so I am trying hard to find some kind of use for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    i use my treo650 as an alarm clock... i had an alarm clock app that turned the WHOLE screen into a snooze button... and a cancel at the very bottom.

    MUCH easier
    Timepiece does this too... much easier than the stock app's snooze/dismiss buttons that are too easy to miss, especially when sleepy. haha
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    I still have my old Visor Delux, Visor Prism, about 20 springboard modules, External Pen/Pad that syncs (pretty cool), Treo 700p (my 650p got stolen), and an unlocked GSM Centrol.

    I used the centro last month in Europe.

    I really should let my kids play with it all - some very cool games and stuff, but I'm a bit o/c, and like my collection.

    Even getting a Folio soon, not kidding...
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    I still use Treo 750, because that can input a multi-language at the same time.
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    I still have my Kyocera 6035, 7135, Treo 650 & 700p. I use the 650 for CallRec, recording speaking engagements, the 700p with its 8GB card still has Tangled, my birding app, which I use when birdwatching. My son pulls out his Centro every once and a while....
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