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    I still pound away at my centro, used it as a spare charger for awhile, found I missed it's snappy responsiveness and that it actually still fully functions on it's own without "The Cloud" in area's without coverage. I ported my sprint work phone # over to it. Now I carry it on right hip, Pre with personal # on left. Have both numbers calls go through Goggle voice, screen lawyers and bill collectors out after their first hit, on second try they hear the standard "we're sorry the number you have called has been disconnected or is no longer in service", a wonderful option on G Voice, contact assigned messages. I call foward my personal Pre # calls to the work Centro. Just use the Pre for web & cloud aps & get all my voice mails IM'd to me transcribed by G voice and also appear on G voice Pre Ap. A phone on each hip! I'm out of the closet! I'm a geek wanabe! I walk into Radio shack with pride now, and just hang out without worrying you'll see me there!
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    I put my Pre+ through the washer the week before T'giving, so I'm using my Treo 680 until I can get another Pre+ on eBay. Hope I'll be able to retreive my profile info. There are a lot of things on the Treo I wish had been included on the Pre+. I still use SuperList on it as it won't work properly in Classic. Missing multi-tasking and fast browser. Sure wish Flash would come out, sooner than later!
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    I JUST did this! Of course my husband thought I was weird.

    I have a 755p which I thought could never, ever be replaced. It was the best phone I've ever used. If I could have cooked it to somehow have wifi, I probably wouldn't have switched to the Pre. The PIM management is unparalleled, IMO, and that is what I loved most about PalmOS.

    So I pulled it out of storage, charged it up and had fun playing "Spellbound", a spelling game I have sorely missed since getting my Pre. But then after playing around with it for a while, I realized that the Pre smokes compared to it--especially with the patches. Now if we could just get that PIM data more organized...

    Ah, memories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    I still have my Kyocera 6035, 7135, Treo 650 & 700p. I use the 650 for CallRec, recording speaking engagements, the 700p with its 8GB card still has Tangled, my birding app, which I use when birdwatching. My son pulls out his Centro every once and a while....
    Here's the most recent reunion pic....
    Thats a beautiful picture. lol
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    Planetarium is/was my favorite as well - do wish it was available on WebOS.
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    It's pretty complicated, but I still use my old Treo 680 to trim music files so I can use them as ringtones. Haven't done it in awhile so I've probably forgot how to do it, but still love the phone. It's invincibility was legendary and made it through some drunken nights.

    EDIT: Forgot about my favorite game on it, Astraware's Soduku. Just seemed to be perfect with the stylus. Plus the stylus and grafiti lead to some hilarious on-the-fly photoshops.
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