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    Palm Phaser
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    The all-new HP Palm Presus, lord and savior of webOS.

    Also available as the HP Palm Presus7 - comes with Beats Audio
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    How about "London", to cash in on the 2012 Olympics that will be on as it is launched?

    Seriously though, the ever more bizarre names for Android phones shows that what is lacking is a competitive product, not a sufficiently catchy name. Palm lost the marketing war, they need to fight on different ground.
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    Something short and catchy, like "HP Palm Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works GP Package."

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    palm failure?
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    Palm Synthesis.

    Though its now starting to sound like the Palm name is gonna disappear and just be HP. =/
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    "Palm Messiah" because we believe that one day it will come.....
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    HP Arrival, lol

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