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    The design contest inspired me to draw some of my own webOS device concepts. I'm too late for the contest but I haven't seen some of the ideas I had around so I still want to share them with you. Please tell me what you think about them!

    All devices are ready for video phone functionality. I tried to use hardware that is acually realistic (in particular regarding screen resolutions). I don't care much about CPU speed etc., that stuff can be easily changed and depends a lot on when the device is released.
    Unfortunately I forgot adding memory card slots when drawing these. Of course, each device should at least have an easily accessible microSD slot, if possible a full sized SDIO slot.

    1. A webOS flip phone.
    You might be thinking the flip phone is a feature phone formfactor. I don't think so! Think of this as kind of a foldable Pixi.
    Some noteworthy features:
    -Gesture area on the bottom part, not directly connected to screen. This makes a larger screen possible and should work quite well.
    -External secondary multitouch display for time/notifications or exhibition. Enables basic usage without opening the phone and on touchstone. Could also be used for index finger gaming controls and maybe other stuff.

    2. The Palm Zodiac (webOS gaming device)
    Named in honor of the best Palm OS device ever, the Tapwave Zodiac, this is the webOS gaming device, realized as a Pre-sized horizontal slider.
    Some noteworthy features:
    -Gesture area only takes up about half of the screen width to make room for Pandora-style analog pads on the corners.
    -Some buttons on the slide-out keyboard are realized as bigger gaming buttons, arranged in two crosses at the left and right sides to make them usefull as directional pads as well.
    -Stereo speakers on the front.
    -Shoulder buttons on the top serve as the on/off switch and an instant photo button outside of games.
    -It might be possible to use the same backcover as the Pre. Some external controls (3,5mm jack) would have to be moved from my design for that to work.

    3. webOS wrist watch
    This idea is pretty much derived from the secondary display on the flip phone. I basically does the same things: Time & notifications, Exhibition, maybe some simple apps (probably made through Exhibition).
    Some noteworthy features:
    -Connects via Bluetooth & WLAN to a webOS phone. Bluetooth 3.0 might be useful for this.
    -Acts as a headset-like device for phone calls and video phone calls. Look like a dork talking to your watch!
    -Has a Touchstone backcover, of course.

    How do you like those?

    Another improvement that should be in most new webOS phones (doesn't work so well for the concepts above, though):
    The gesture area should be part of the screen and be used to display the notification icons most of the time! (About twice the size they are now.) This way, not as much space is wasted.
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    nice concepts

    I like the idea of a flip phone.

    you sure seem to be a gamer tgough! Lots of analog joysticks.

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