View Poll Results: Will Ruby show a new device tomorrow?

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    35 54.69%
  • Yes

    7 10.94%
  • Only pre-2 for Verizon

    21 32.81%
  • Only a tablet.

    1 1.56%
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    The Rumor
    Everything we reported about the Nexus S or “Nexus Two” was correct, but the phone was scrapped at the last minute when someone decided it needed to feature a dual-core processor in order to compete with the Tegra 2 phones coming out in early January. Samsung has already delivered new Nexus S units to testers with the upgraded processors, but Android 2.3 was not optimized for dual-core hardware and this is the reason for the delay.

    I wasn't going to post the entire article because it was long as hell...
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    even with dual core, it's still Android. It's ok, I like all the features, but I recently returned my Evo and went back to Pre to wait for January to see what I can get from Palm or Microsoft then..

    Android is just very... clunky... So many menus to go through to do stuff.. The Pre may be slow, but I can get stuff done quicker with it just because of the UI.

    Although I'm now a fan of virtual keyboards, had NO problems typing on that thing. Even tested out Swype. Very nice.
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    I kind of hope that he shows off a new super phone for Sprint and maybe Verizon, and they save the tablet for CES.
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    Any idea what time is his presentation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    any idea what time is his presentation?
    9:10 am
  6. cgk
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    There is a rumour that he's showcasing a Pre 2 with go-faster stripes.
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    ^Holy Text Wall Batman!!

    But seriously.... I haz 2.0 now?
    "I will go in this way, but I'll find my own way out." -DMB

    Dear Lord,
    Please grant me the ability to punch people in the face over standard TCP/IP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    1.) look what hp did to compaq.
    2.) explain why things have slowed down so much.
    1) look what palm did to palm.
    2) things slowed down because there was a merger.

    the people who left palm were great engineer managers. but clearly they were bad execs. why would hp need them as execs still?
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    I guess first choice was the right choice, I voted wrong, I thought he would come with a verizon pre-2
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    what was the little surprise supposed to be that precentral suggested on the home page article???
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