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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    HP/Palm really sucks at building up any kind of anticipation.
    Like I said earlier in another post:
    honestly, it seems Palm phones and the buzz is seriously one seems to care.
    Take angry birds. iOS users got a nice halloween angry birds update. It is getting old being left out of all the fun as a Palm user. And that's just one example of many. I'm not hating, I love WebOS and my Pre. Just some thoughts.
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    I was showing my pre off to some of my non techy friends and was trying to explain and demonstrate cards to them....and they were super confused. one said "whoa nerd phone there....why not just put a back button??". Seems a "back swipe" is more nerdy/geeky than a back button. :-/
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnote1287 View Post
    I was showing my pre off to some of my non techy friends and was trying to explain and demonstrate cards to them....and they were super confused. one said "whoa nerd phone there....why not just put a back button??". Seems a "back swipe" is more nerdy/geeky than a back button. :-/
    I'm sure we've got our stories of showing off Pre's to nontechies. It used to be back in the Treo days, they saw a kb and thought wow. A kb instead of just the regular dialing pad.

    Now they see kb and think blackberry or work phone.

    You have to remember that these same people are bombarded with iphone ads. Their friends with iphones. Multitouch swiping and all that. This is what they want. Palm got that much right but people don't want the kb. They want that slick thin looking slab that you can "type" on. Trying to integrate a kb into this kind of experience?

    IMO, Android devices thrive because they're able to offer a close enough experience on carriers with no iphone option. And there are slick, think looking slab devices to choose from. The Hero ate the Pre's lunch on Sprint. The Hero was specced worse but it was a slab. It's what Sprint users really wanted. This is what Palm just doesn't get.

    Heck, it's why the ipad is so popular. Let's make the glass 10" and enhance the whole experience. It's fun to use. iPad users will go to great lengths to get simple tasks done especially ones done much more efficiently on a laptop. Because a laptop isn't fun to use anymore.

    Again, it goes without saying that this isn't bashing the Pre. It's just Palm should've never led with this form factor. And at the very least not continue to try to make a go at it without first focusing on a form factor that everyone else seems to understand is the most popular.
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    a bigger(4in) screened pixie, 1ghz proc, wifi, front and rear cameras, voice commands, and not made out of cheap crackly plastic, and a different name, they would have knocked it out of the park! Imho
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters3605 View Post
    Yes people who don't want to "buy-in" on Google collecting their information (they are out there), and those who do want to "buy-in" on Apple's "closed" minded system, or just don't want an Apple product (stigma). Believe it or not, not everyone uses/likes itunes and if you are not an itunes user, no real advantage to going to the iPhone. Not everyone out there cares about app counts, the average user isn't looking for 300K apps. They just want something better an a "feature phone".

    Remember that http://80% of the cell users don't e... a smart phone, that means 80% probably know nothing or care about specs features, apps, etc.
    Your argument does not make sense because first time smartphone customers do not know about Google colleting data and iPhone closed OS. All what they know is what they see on TV from great iPhone and Droid commercials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    RIM=boring to a lot of people.
    Android=geeky to a lot of people.
    Apple=AT&T and "don't want" to many people.
    You nailed it, Diva. Based on the new Palm Pre ad slogan (Faster, Smarter, and Tons of Fun), HP seems to agree with you too. With that short slogan, HP seems to be trying to address all three of your characterizations.
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    I think the reality is that for the majority of consumers it boils down to two things:
    #1. What commercials tell them
    #2. What the employee's at the phone store's tell them.

    Of course that's not everyone one, but it's a huge chunk and the reality is a lot of us users that actually understand important things like multitasking, simplicity etc. are way in the minority.

    For me I like a clean looking phone the less, the better (I have gotten rid of my launch bar and also have my top bar transparent, with just a solid background), but to someone that knows nothing about phones, even if we were talking the same exact hardware, would think that an android phone does so much more than a webOS phone just because there's a bunch of crap all over the main page. Now we all here know that's not true, and I hope that webOS never becomes cluttered like that. I think less is more, but for someone that knows nothing about phones it's the perspective of their's more on this phone because I can see it.
    Also the employee's are heavily going to support android, because it's the big thing right now, plus there's money in it for them.
    I go into our local Sprint store pretty regular and I walk out almost angry every time, because the same guy is working in there and he talks constantly like he knows what he's talking about but has no clue. I'm not saying I know it all, but I never let him know my knowledge of the pre, webOS or android and I've had him lie directly to my face multiple times, because he likes the feeling of knowing what he's talking about and feeling like he has inside info.
    The week after the transition of Palm to HP, I told him I was waiting on the next Palm device and he told me it wasn't gonna happen. He said there will never be another phone made with webOS, because Palm went bankrupt and shut down, so their done for good.
    Last time I was in the store, there was an older couple (probably in their 60's) looking for their first cell phone, and he told them there was only one phone for them. drum roll..... you guessed it.... The EVO! They kept saying they thought that was too much of a phone for them and they were getting confused but he kept pushing it on them over and over and wouldn't even give them the option to look at other phones. I was hoping he could leave for a second and I go over and help them to find out what they really needed and were wanting and could hopefully point them into the direction of a phone that might suite them better and not be so overwhelming, but that didn't happen and even though they seemed concerned and confused they bought it, because he promised within a week they would be using all kinds of features on it and it would just be a breeze for them. Ridiculous!!!

    Anyway, I just had to blow off some steam, but my point it there are people like that of all ages that walk into the stores knowing nothing about what each phone can actually do, and the only thing that really drives them to purchase is the commercials they see on tv over and over and what the person in the store tells them. They want it just because it's the newest thing, not based on whether it's any good or not.

    I mean good grief the iphone 4 has a HUGE error with the antenna, and people are still going out and buying them, because they've been taught by commercials and society that they must have them. I'm not a basher of apple, I'm typing on my macbook pro right now. I'm just stating it as an example.
    Another example was when the ipod first got big. Everyone wanted an ipod for Christmas, but what I really mean is everyone wanted an MP3 player. Everywhere in the stores I was hearing people say check out this ipod or friends coming up and saying hey look at my ipod player I got. The thing was they weren't ipods they were other name brand mp3 players. The name ipod became so big that people didn't know the term mp3 player and just assumed any little digital media player was called an ipod. Why, because that's what they learned through the commercials and tv.

    Ultimately you can have a crappy product (like you see many times on "as seen on TV" products) and still sell kajillions (snuggy anyone?) of them because you put up tons of commercials and because someone tells you you must have one.

    Most of my "non-techie" friends know how much I'm into phones so they will come ask me about things when they're getting ready to get a new phone. Obviously, I'm not the be all end all and act like I know everything. I try and not be biased in any way and give them factual information. I don't tell them you must have this device just because it's the newest and you'll be cool if you have it. I try and find out what the top 10 important things are to them and then share with them how well different os's do those things. Ultimately though, I tell them to go into the store tell any employee's that walk up to them that you don't want to be bothered and just play with the phones your self. See what you think, without an employee telling you what you do or don't need.
    Some go Android, some go BB, some go WebOS (I've had the most go webOS with 7 people owning pre +'s).

    My point is whether we're excited about the pre 2 or not (I am, but I'll probably wait for CES to see what happens) it doesn't matter. People are gonna complain, someones not gonna be happy, someone's gonna say that they did it all wrong. But the point is if they would get the commercials right and play them over and over and over and have a decent device (which I think the Pre 2 is), forget the tech world, forget the geek world. The rest of the world will see it and think that looks cool, I like that, I want that, and they'll sell tons of them.
    Don't believe me? I have friends walk up to me sometimes with a brand new phone asking me if I can show them how to use it. They didn't buy it because of what it could do. They didn't even know what it could do, they just saw the commercials and thought ooh I really want that.

    Just happened last week. A friend of mine went in and bought a new phone, the pushed her to go with an android phone and you know why she bought it? Because they had a pink case in the store made for that phone! Her whole reason for purchasing the phone was because of a cute pink case that she could buy for it. Then she came to me the next day and asked me to show her how to use certain aspects of the phone. lol I'm just saying you never know what the reason might be and sometimes the last reason is based on what the phone OS actually does.
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    jlcamp7, let me get this straight. You stalk the phone store (perhaps wearing a Pre Avenger Costume), fighting incompetence and ignorance whenever it rears its ugly head, saving people from bad purchasing decisions, one Pre at a time.

    How have you not been arrested? That is the worst kind of religious, fanatical, stalker behavior. Don't you see how wrong that is? Do you understand that you are not helping your noble cause? You are probably frightening people. For the love of god, man, just stop it!
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    That employee probably gets commission on the Evo. Yeah that was pretty bad not to show all the options, I agree.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    Haha, yes and I also wear a cape and shoot multi- tasking cards out of my sleeves! I don't stalk it, I'm just saying I'm in there about once a month 'cause it's an area where my wife like's to shop and there are no "Man (electronic) stores" nearby so I end up going in there and playing around with the different phones and checking out new things. Also there is a guy in there that works in the repair shop section (a thing their doing in new stores is adding an actual repair shop area for phones), and we always have good talks. He owns a Pre and is hardcore into webOS, so we kind of just talk about what's going on in the forums and such. Basically it's just a place for me to waste some time after shopping with my wife for an hour or two, while she keeps going.
    So no I don't stalk it and sit in my car thinking "hmm look at that couple going in the store I think they could use my help." It's not like that at all, it's just that one guy always going on about things in there that has no idea a lot of the time what he's talking about.

    PS: I would give anything to have that much time on my hands to stalk the store, but if I did have that much time I think I could find better ways of using it.
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