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    Ok, here's my story about customer service.

    I used Palm's chat service to identify a manufacturing defect with my headset jack problem (stuck in headset mode, random switching, ect). After going through webOS doctor with the chat agent trying to tell me it was a software conflict issue, he said it would be fixed. Well, it wasn't and he created a repair order for me, and instructed me to call the voice support line. So I end up doing that, and because I use my phone 24/7 I decided to go with the Advanced Exchange process, which charges you $400 deposit and $30 fee. They said they'd send me a phone within 3 business days, and I was fine with that.

    Well about 30 minutes later I realized it would be cheaper to buy a dumbphone off e-bay have it shipped and then wait out my return while having the same number. I called them back, said I wanted to cancel the Advanced Exchange and switch to the normal repair process. To which they told me it was too late and that the phone would be shipped to me and I had to refuse shipment. Fine, but the payment would drop off within 5 business days. Fine for 30 minutes of time to think about it, that's pretty fast shipping. But whatever.

    So when I get the package, Fedex wouldn't let me at least touch the package to see if there was a phone inside, and I figured Palm was sending me a box to ship my original phone in, so I couldn't tell. So I accept the shipment, open it, and end up sending me phone back with the other one (with proper documentation and stuff, writing "refuse shipment" on a piece of paper around the new phone they shipped me).

    So it got there around Friday, and after talking to customer service multiple times, it seems they've said quite a few things after repairing my phone, including:

    A. Losing my address
    B. Not able to find my address
    C. I have not shipped the phone
    D. I have already been shipped the phone (they keep giving me the tracking number for the phone shipped to me)
    E. The phone is still in repair process
    F. The phone has not been delivered to the repair center

    Regardless of their infinite wisdom on where my phone actually is, I recieved an e-mail stating my phone was repaired, and it would be sent to me within 3-5 business days and they provided the tracking number that the phone had already sent to me. FML. Assuming they used the wrong tracking number, I called Fedex to try to see if I had a package being sent to me, to which they said "there's no Fedex packages being shipped to your address, talk to the shipper." FML, Palm has probably lost my phone, and I won't get it back. I'm going to call Palm, and they're going to say it's because I haven't shipped it yet. I hate their customer service so much. Please put someone in there that understands what I'm saying, not just repeats it back to me.

    <End Rant>
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    I tried to do a advance exchange for my daughters pixie. When they told me they were going to hold 400 dollars of my money until they got the broken one back,i told them to go to hell. I went threw my sprint insurance,,they did not even charge me the deductible and had a new pixie the next day.
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    why didn't you call the carrier first?
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    This is disappointing. I just chatted with them yesterday about my Pre that would not start, and the support tech told me they set up a service repair order, and I would get an email telling me the details of sending in my phone. I still don't have the email, but I went with the free option. Since I unfortunately didn't get insurance on my Pre (I'm brand new to Palm and didn't know all the issues with the phone) and it's past the 30 day return period, it would cost me $30 to get it repaired with Sprint.

    Since I chose the free option with Palm, I assume I could just cancel it and take my phone to the Sprint store instead. What do you guys recommend: getting the free repair with Palm, or paying $30 at the Sprint store?
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    always call the carrier first. The phone has a 1 year warranty.
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    What do you mean call the carrier first? I went to the Sprint store and they gave me my options. I went to Palm and they gave me my options. I just want some advice on which option is best.
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    the carrier is the first place to check for warranty. I always call verizon customer svc cuz the store techs are idiots. I don't know why it should cost for a warranty repair. Cal them or try another store.
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    I don't have Sprint insurance, and I know Palm has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. I knew if I called Sprint they'd tell me it'd cost me to get a new device. I opted to see if Palm would replace the device for free if I talked to them. Which after awhile the customer service people I talked to said I would, but I have yet to receive my (a) phone and it's been nearly 3 weeks.
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    if it's under warranty, speint should repair or replace. Have you had it longer that 1 year?
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    No, and my initial idea was to call Sprint, but I figured calling Palm wouldn't hurt either. Boy was I wrong!
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    stuck in headset mode is a wel documented issue (search these forums for many threads on the problem) so sprint shouldn't charge you for repair or a replacement.
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    This is such a big change from the days of the Treo 600/650 when palm would overnight-exchange your phone for nearly any problem - no questions asked. Back then they set a new standard for customer support that isn't matched by anyone today.

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