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    I need a mail programs that periodically cheks by itself for new mail and that can read jpeg attachements.
    Anyone can show if a program like this exists?
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    Try Basejet, this is the progrm which I got answers from the board. But I still have some problems in getting mail thru GPRS connection and are waiting from post.....
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    Watch for the SnapperMail public beta and use it with MacroPlay (for automatically checking e-mail).
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    where can I download snappermail and macroplay?
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    SnapperMail's public beta is "coming soon" - possibly this week. You can sign up at the site I linked to above to be notified.

    MacroPlay can be found here.
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    Macroplay won't allow you to run a macro (and therefore automatically check e-mail) more frequently than once per hour. (By comparison, Treo Mail's built-in auto-check can run as frequently as every half hour.)
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    DougI you may be right - but with Treo Mail you have to pay $50.00/year. I think newer e-mail programs will come out that will allow the option Check every ... minutes now that GPRS is being released for the Treo.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    SnapperMail will probably add this feature eventually, but it's not high on the list at the moment.
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    I believe the latest beta version of Mark/Space Mail allows periodic checking of eMail. Problem is, they do not yet have true attachment capability for attaching jpeg files.
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