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    I am going to get some comments totally disparaging this but

    take the pixi display and square it320 320, battery is under touch area. Eh?

    voila palm watch. Doesn't need telephony capability at alll...inspired from all the ipod nano watches i've seen online.
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    i don't even wear a watch anymore. i see no need for this in the market. what palm needs to do is just release a higher spec phone.
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    Pushing the webOS Bluetooth SPP to include Bluetooth watches might be a better option so you could control your music and use the phone via your watch to keep from having to pull your phone out and even get your twitter messages on your watch.

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    Could it be that **** Tracy's 2-way wrist TV runs webOS?
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    I'd like to wear a hightech watch like this. I don't where one now because nice ones are pretty expensive but all the y do is tell time. My phone handles that for me, but if my watch could do a little more, or make things a little more convenient... Why not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Could it be that **** Tracy's 2-way wrist TV runs webOS?
    You beat me to it.
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    I think a watch that could run some programs...even if they are fairly rudimentary (calendar, music, pictures) and could interface with operating systems "bigger brothers" (in this case the Pixi, Pre and mythical PalmPad) it would be really cool. I'd probably buy one if it was at a decent price and could be trusted to actually perform its base function of telling time.

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    There was one...

    Fossil's Palm Watch

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    In other words, Palm should copy yet another Apple product. Palm R&D at its finest.
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    bluetooth watch support via SPP FTW. The sony ericson watches are really sexual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by camiller View Post
    There was one...

    Fossil's Palm Watch
    Oh Yah! Thanks....maybe Ill pick one up for nostalgia
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/

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