View Poll Results: Which WebOS choice would you prefer Sprint make?

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  • Sprint accepts Pre 2, it does poorly, Sprint PASSES on the next WebOS devices

    5 8.62%
  • Sprint passes on the Pre 2, instead takes next 4G Palm device BUT not until 8 months from now

    53 91.38%
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    If you HAD to choose, which of the following options would you choose?

    1. Sprint adds the Pre 2 as a new phone BUT it doesn't do well and makes Sprint pass on the next WebOS devices.

    2. Sprint passes on the Pre 2 and instead accepts the new HD/Mansion/Whatever device that's 4G, bigger screen, etc BUT it doesn't come out for another 8 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I've posted the poll, you can vote there now.
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    Not sure I like either option... will have to think. (Not sure my Pre minus will last another 8 months........)
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    You might can guess what I vote for.

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    I'll take option 2,,,o wait,,8 months?,,,ill take option 1,,,get a pre 2 then in 8 months be almost ready for aanother upgrade.
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    as long as they announce their plans, rather than just letting their customers wonder what they will do.
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    I'll take option C
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    Two lousy options, but I'd rather have a Pre 2 now than some unknown device 8 months from now. Who knows what else will be available by then. Also, I like the vertical slider form factor and I don't like paying $10 a month for 4G I can't use (and which will probably be obsoleted by LTE before it comes to my area.)
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    how about #1 first, pre two does just as well as the original pre launch. Then at ces, new hardware is announced, and when sprint doesn't mention anything about releasing those, we all post on their facebook, twitter, and email them till they decide to release those on their network too within 6 months of ces

    sounds possible to me.
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    Finally voted for option 2, with reservations.
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    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Option 3 is the best because the first two are both negative solutions for webOS users.
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    Option C: None of the above.
    I won't be waiting another 8 months for a phone to catch up with technology. Look around, the competition has great phones. I can adapt to another OS. But honestly, I don't think it will be 8 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    You might can guess what I vote for.


    i vote option 1 , i with zmann, take the pre 2 now and get another upgrade later... win win

    o wait... option 1 they PASS the next one??

    i vote g
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    Option 3, thanks.
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    i'd take option2. I'd hate for the Pre2 to further tarnish Sprints perception of WebOS and ruin my chances of getting my super device down the road.
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    You forgot the option that Sprint choose to release webOS 2.0 OTA update... YESTERDAY.
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    I voted but the options kind of seem like they make you want to choose one over the other. What I mean is the way the options are given they are biased to begin with.
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    I need to start off by saying I feel the survey was poorly worded and creates a bias towards the second choice. You will not obtain accurate information unless the poll is without bias. i would love for Sprint to take a chance on all Palm devices. People talk about the Pre being a failure on Sprint. Until the EVO came along, it was the highest selling device for Sprint. Just because it didn't meet the colossal expectations of most (mostly due to poor marketing and lack of push and training from most carriers) doesn't mean that Palm isn't successful (with Sprint).

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