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    Ok, so initially I had wanted to dig up some concrete evidence before I started a thread on this, but honestly, I couldn't find anything conclusive. So please do take this with a grain or two of salt.. and maybe pepper *boom tish*

    SWYPE .. we've all seen how cool it is for data entry on Android devices. But if you haven't, I suggest you take a quick look on YouTube now.

    The other day, I was searching for a similar app for my iPhone and to a lesser extent for my Pre (to replace the Virtual Keyboard app). I stumbled across an app called Shapewriter, which look quite promising. To my dismay, when I actually tried to find more info on the app, I found some bad news, rather than download instructions.

    The news was as follows:

    "Nuance Communications is pleased to announce that ShapeWriter, Inc. is now part of Nuance. The ShapeWriter continuous touch application has joined Nuance's portfolio of patented text input solutions recognized as the industry's leading predictive text technology. As we bring Shapewriter into the Nuance family, please note that we are suspending downloads of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile applications. Please stay tuned to this site for future product updates."

    So this begs the question. For an app that was set to be quite promising as a genuine alternative to Swype, why would you not continue selling the app on the major platforms and make iterative updates?

    Or can we read a little deeper into the news "...suspending downloads of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile applications ..."

    Could this mean they are abandoning development on these three major platforms? This leaves Symbian (not that huge in the US), Blackberry OS (might not really need such an app given the preferred input method is via physical keyboard) ... and finally, it also leaves our beloved WebOS..

    ... could it be that HP has entered an exclusive licensing agreement so that we will see this app being prepped for a release with the PalmPad?

    It would make sense given the PalmPad needs an intuitive and forward-thinking virtual keyboard to try and entice would-be iPad owners.. Especially seeing that Swype has been snapped up by Google already.

    What do you guys reckon?

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    There's a thread for that, that will get more attention if you post it there. A collection of wanted apps that are compiled into one area where people with similar-minded motivations will collectively apply for different apps to be ported over to webOS. A few apps have come across already due to this process:
    "Vote for WebOS and make our App Requests count! " is the name of the thread, just provide them a support link for the app you want and the person in charge will try and get all of them together on the first post. Feel free to apply to as many as you wish, regardless of whether or not you will use the app or you are on the same continent as an app was designed for.
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    It looks like Nuance is going to incorporate ShapeWriter into their T9 product line of predictive text applications and the only mobile platforms they currently support are iPhone and Blackberry. But we can hope.
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