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    The pre 2. should have: 1. a horizontal [landscape] slider, 2. onscreen keyboard for use in the vertical phone mode and, 3. both video camera and webcam for video conferencing, plus 4. skype installed.
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    All that sounds good, maybe we will get those in the super pre3. :-D
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    Big thumbs down on the landscape slider.
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    I think I would like a vertical slider better a la Dell benue pro however will take a landscape slider as well ( I am looking at Epic 4G if no Palm phone comes to Sprint in the next 2 months)
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    Um - maybe check out for what Pre2 has.

    But I am hoping that ONE of their new superphones is a landscape slider with a little larger screen, but not much bigger than my Pre. I like a phone to fit in my pockets comfortably!
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    my future pre wish list:
    4.3 in screen
    1ghz dual core omap4
    8mp camera with dual flash
    3mp front facing camera
    digital compass
    802.11 n

    all that and webOS 2.0.
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    what about itchy thumb for the droids? might be an option if HPalm doesnt deliver on a super phone. portrait slider with a VK for the landscape mode. and PLEASE not larger then 3.8"
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    H/Palm could shake the roof if they would just bump uo the screen size and give the camera front and back facing capabilities. With ram boost and pimp prossesor to keep the cards flyin! "I love it when cards fly!" palm make it reality for loyal sprint customers! ;-)
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    I think this has all been said before... Nothing new here... move along... move along...
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    Would it be good to put the WebOS in a Palm V alike form factor? Palm V is one of the most classic design and with a good building quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpfef View Post
    Big thumbs down on the landscape slider.
    +1. I HATE landscape keys... not only do you have to flip the phone sideways every time you want to type, you can't do single handed operation and there's too much travel your thumbs have to do. Vertical keyboard is exactly the reason why I chose pre over the countless other android phones out there with landscape keys.
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    the pre2 has already been announces/shipped.

    perhaps you should ask for that in the eventual Pre6+ ?
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    i am kind of confused. you want a landscape slider and landscape on screen KB?

    how about a portrait slider and a landscape on screen KB? both worlds

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