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    Hi guys, I am the designer for the palm twist concept currently in the mock up contest, and I wanted to give a bit more info on my thoughts while designing it. First off, here is the concept:

    So it's a bit sparse as far as details go. Obviously, it's missing a camera, flash, speaker, headphone jack, volume buttons, mute button, etc. I was mainly trying to get a concept for the shape of the device, sort of a first step in the phone design process.

    The main idea is to increase usability of the device via the form factor, specifically trying to add usability when using only one hand. Everyone, especially apple, is moving toward the "slab" concept, and I just don't think that is the best form. To illustrate this, I made a few situational sketches, which I didn't submit with my entry because I thought it was a bit overboard:

    Of course, the big thing a lot of people pointed out in the comments, is the lack of a gesture area. I was imagining "gesture edges" running all around the screen. Instead of running your finger along a blank area below the screen, you run your finger over the curved edge of the screen (so, not where the image is, but rather the slim border around the screen). I think because the edges are curved, it should be easy enough to do. Whatever edge is facing downward, becomes the gesture edge. I probably should have mentioned this in the entry, ha.

    As far as the size goes, I was keeping it in line with the current pre. It's not any wider, it just is wide at the top/bottom and skinny in the center, opposite of how the current pre is, and maybe a bit less of a border around the screen at the waste.

    So, feel free to imagine a retina screen, crazy fast processor, 4g, whatever specs you want. I was concentrating on the form. That said, it's just a first draft, so it's more about the idea and the story than the exact execution of the shape.

    Also, thanks to everyone who voted for me, and good luck (but not too much luck:-) to all the other finalists. Also, thanks to precentral for running the contest and getting everyone excited about new palm devices.

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