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    Mattel / Fisher
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    All I said was 'yes, that's them'. Here is the story if anyone is interested about the company size and suicide rate.
    Foxconn Suicides - Shenzhen Post

    Now we can stay back on-topic
    Another related sad news:

    NDTV Gadgets: Chinese iPhone workers poisoned by chemical: report
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    This was already posted here at pre central. They even give credit to PC for the image.
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    You notice their source was ?
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    LOL... welcome to the party vicvon

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCGuy View Post
    Nope, not likely.

    The Pre 2's are already in production, and this article clearly indicates Foxconn won the contract for 4 - 5 smartphones for 2011, PLUS being a supplier for the PalmPad (that would make 5 - 6 devices total for Foxconn, for 2011, versus 1 totally new smartphone model for Compal -which all yeilds a total of 6 - 7 new HP/Palm devices planned for 2011, so far):

    "Foxconn Technology and Compal Communications have won orders to supply manufacturing services for the new Palm mobile phones. Industry sources told CENS that Foxconn will supply four to five new Palm smartphones for sale in 2011, and Commpal Communications will deliver one new model. All the phones will run webOS. Foxconn also is believed to be a supplier of the upcoming PalmPad, a tablet device launching in 2011"

    Hi all,

    My heart be still.

    take care,

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    mattel / fisher :d
    lmao, literally!! :d

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    I didn't see it anywhere in the first couple pages, so in case nobody knew, foxconn makes other stuff as well.

    Motherboards, mini-itc barebone systems, various PC accessories. Lot's of stuff besides the embedded devices discussed so far.
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    It is as if you said that the result a dog and a cat mating was a giraffe. It's so completely wrong, that it's difficult to argue with someone who believes it to be true.
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