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    Does anyone know where can I buy a Treo Screen ?
    (Getintech / PalmScreens don't hold them as far as I know)
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    Do you mean a screen protector? See

    The Getintech website seems to sell music.
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    None of the screens that GetHightTech supply are for phones and I suspect with good reason. Opening a phone without technical knowledge is very unwise. At best you get it back together again without noticeable effect but from my experience with other radio devices like CB and Ham, you are taking a big risk without the right equipment - you will see unpleasant effects like lines appearing in your screen, poor signal on the phone, random fatal errors. Cell phones use very high frequencies (1900Mhz in the US) and PCBs made for this band are incredibly sensitive to disturbance.

    My bet is that GetHighTech dont want to risk being blamed for inducing people to mess inside a transmitting device which could even lead to a health risk or a sfety issue if you can not make calls when you expected.
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    when and where did you buy your treo? if you need to replace the screen, handspring is probably your best bet.

    just my $20

    you might have tried that though
    I love my Treo 90.
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    i have taken my treo apart while investigating the deadspeakerphone syndrome and put it back together again. in case you'd like to peek into the treo here are webcam shots of my opened 180g
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    cool but the pics make me a bit quezy (G)

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