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    Too bad you'll loose it because it doesn't store it in the tablet.
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    I've had many stylus devices over the years. Only one had a poor design for storing the stylus on board which caused me to loose several styli: the Palm III.


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    I'm a little torn on whether this is an acceptable solution, but HP does include the planner-style cover for the slate which has a stylus holder in it. I know that if I bought it (and am still very seriously considering it, even though I have my TM2t shipping right now) this would be acceptable for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    Why would they need to change the to ARM?
    webOS is already optimized for ARM. Battery life is significantly better than Intel's current offerings. All the other tablet manufactures are going this route for non-windows based tablets.

    Plus the PDK apps are all compiled for ARM and would have to be recompiled and optimized for x86 if they go down that road. It's just not worth it.
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    I agree dandbj13 ... can't wait to see the WebOS tablet
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    Quote Originally Posted by igobytony View Post
    thanks dandbj13. hadn't been on engadget yet today.
    Also go to They have the same video + screenshots which leads me to believe that there maybe a longer video posted later.

    Here's the link:
    BlackBerry PlayBook Live Demo! [video and photos] |
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