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    Just an observation, while driving around all day, every day... Case in point: Blackberry Torch. I hear ads all day long on the local radio. These are made by Bell Mobility not by RIM. Same goes for other brands. Maybe it's different in other countries but it really seems to me that the onus of marketing any phone relies heavily upon the carrier. It's something that keeps popping up.... More, better marketing by HP. Even the TV ads I've seen for the Torch were Bell Mobility. This is just what I've noticed.
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    it geneerally does rest with the carrier, but you see how successful apple was in also driving their own commercials that highlight the phone, and not the carrier. same was true when vzw started advertising the motodroid features rather than just the network.

    in this case, "rule the air" isn't going to sell the Pre2. both vzw and HP need to run targeted ads showing off specific benefits.
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    Marketing is based on a marketing budget , that is worked out in a deal between Manufacturer and Carrier.

    So after the budget is depleted , either a new deal would be drawn or not.

    Either way , it behooves the Manufacturer to do some of its own marketing, rather than relying Solely on the carrier.
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    it depends on a lot of things. But once the initial marketing agreement is met, the carriers are free to do what they see wit. In the case of Sprint, once their end was up, they stop advertising the pre because it was likely costing them more money than they were making.

    with verizon, they chose not to market the pre in a way that competed with their droid marketing. So they targeted moms.

    so while carries do have a responsibilty to market, it would make sense for the manufacturers to do their own marketing. One look at the current smartphone market and you'll notice that the most successful brands have a lots of marketing from the manufacturer. Especially when they are trying to sell a line of products (see apple idevices, galaxy devices, blackberry devices, etc.) carriers will market you're phone to an extent, but it's up to the manufacterer to make sur the product lines are popular.
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    IDK, none of the carriers seem to give Palm any love.

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