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    How do I save the 5 seconds of my life that I wasted opening up this thread?
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    I really really don't want a HTC anymore. My Charmer's battery door popped off after a little over one year and I had to tape it shut until I could get a Herald. The Herald's keyboard also stopped working one year into my contract and the keyboard slider developed an oreo effect greater than 5 (in only one direction) - wish I was kidding.

    HTC makes nice-looking, nice-feeling hardware that simply sucks quality-wise... Not meant to live longer than a year. That's one way to plan obsolescence, I suppose. But they're super-fashionable now. My Pre is a year old now, I had the screen part replaced for oreo (~1) after one month because I feared it'd end up like my Herald, and there have been no problems since.
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